First Impressions – Hiiro no Kakera

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What, it’s spring already?

No, not really – like Working did, Hiiro no Kakera airs its premiere episode (sans OP and ED) a month early.  It’s a fairly solid first ep, with a classic premise and a large ensemble cast consisting mostly of bishies.  It’s DEEN, so let the carping begin – though I thought the look and animation were fairly decent in that washed-out DEEN color palette sort of way.  The basic idea is that a young girl named Kasuga Tamaki (Miyake Marie) is summoned by her Grandmother (Kubota Tamie, Sui from Hansaku Iroha) to the small village where she lives.  Things turn weird immediately when strange creatures appear before Tamaki in the woods.

This premise is pretty standard anime fare – the women of Tamaki’s family are basically in charge of protecting the world, and Grandma’s time is coming to a close to Tamaki has to be groomed to take over.  To help in the task are a cute little fox and several young men from the family whose ancestral duty is the protection of the Tamayorihime, the princesses of which Tamaki is soon to become.  The fact that this is adapted from a shoujo manga is most obvious in the vibe with the guys, all of whom are drawn in ultra-bishounen fashion, with each filling a trope that could easily have come from Ouran Host Club.  The vibe is actually closer to Fruits Basket for me, with the boys acting cheerful and dealing with the clashing personalities in spite of their magical nature and difficult fate in life.  I don’t see this being anywhere near as good as that series – one of the very best shoujo ever – but it’s not impossible that this could be an entertaining show.  Director Shirohata Bob is primarily known for Hetalia, so he has some experience with the bishounen factor.

[HorribleSubs] Hiiro no Kakera - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.34_[2012.03.06_22.15.28] [HorribleSubs] Hiiro no Kakera - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_11.07_[2012.03.06_22.18.01] [HorribleSubs] Hiiro no Kakera - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_13.13_[2012.03.06_22.20.07]
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  1. I

    I watched about half an episode before giving up out of boredom. As a guy I think shoujo's can only be good if they lack angst and have a funny cast one can empathize with. As I didn't see the whole the episode, I was wondering whether this had done a Skip beat and become entertaining at the end?

  2. I can't really say – I didn't find the end especially more entertaining than the rest, but I didn't dislike any of it. It was pretty formulaic all around, but that's not always a bad thing.

    Shoujo without angst? That leaves out some awfully good series…

  3. d

    No. It is Autumn.
    On a slightly more serious note: Is there an approximate date for the new season anime?

  4. m

    This is actually based on an otome game from Idea Factory's child company Otomate. I didn't really enjoy the game, a little too much on the drama side imo, but I think I might give the anime a chance, I didn't like the first episode much tho.

  5. m

    I actually got quite emotionally involved with the game quite a bit(especially Mahiro's route) despite how wordy the whole thing was, however I am pretty conflicted over the anime so far. It's good that it managed to cut down most of the beginning exposition (which in the game lasted so long that it made me want to wring the characters' neck to speed things up)into less than 30 minutes and the side characters abd background looks pretty good the whole thing stinks of Hetalia style budget cuts and bad camera work. Pretty sure Hakuouki is gonna keep the title as the only otome game anime worth watching seriously…

  6. h

    Well..I actually enjoyed watching this(the 1st ep of course)compared than any other otome game based animes 1st eps so far(Hakuoki, utapri, starry sky, etc). Despite it's your tipical standard deen anime quality, at least the directing, story, etc flow a lot better compared to other otome game-anime. I found Hakuoki very dull&boring, the directing, dialog, etc isn't impress me at all. I just find it a wasted potential & I actually likes japan period animes, heck if I want to watch Shinsengumi, I'd rather watch Gonzo's Peace Maker Kurogane cuz those're a whole lot better for me(the charas, story, animation, directing, etc)despite it's being a 2005 anime.
    I still don't know whether I'll be able to follow this till the end since next spring is very2 busy season for me w/ lots of my fav shows being aired, but if this Hiiro no Kakera can maintain being enjoyable than I'll probably watch it till it's finish cuz this kind of series is deemed never to be taken seriously, anyway(for me). If there's an otome game/reverse harem series that has the same quality w/ Saiunkoku Monogatari(the best/very good reverse harem series out there so far), then I'm all up for it^^ Then again, Saiunkoku is based on an excellent Josei Novel series, so no wonder it's THAT good.

  7. Wow, another Peacemaker Kurgoane fan! Very underrated series.

  8. h

    Yup, I'm one of the few who actually love Gonzo's Peace Maker Kurogane^-^ I guess I just loove the charas(I can relate easily w/ Tetsu&Suzu'struggle and pain, their striking contrast despite the same basic inside, especially their situations at the end of the anime,the shinsengumi members in this series, TetsuxSaya just so adorable)&the way Gonzo handled it at that time(the animation, design, artwork, etc). I still think Peace Maker(despite it's inconclusive ending)&Kenshin are ones of the few good/best series about feodal japan/samurai animes until now, especially compare to nowdays title of this genre such as sengoku basara, brave 10, hakuoki, etc. If there's lone wolf&cub or vagabond anime, then these 2 will certainly join Peace Maker&Kenshin also, Blade of Immortal anime just to short for me unlike the manga.
    It's actually one of the underrated gems by Gonzo along w/ their awesome/great series like Gantkutsuo, Last Exile, Samurai Seven, 1st FMP, etc at their golden age at that time. I'm one of the few fans of Gonzo works, especially their best ones, so I definetely thrill w/ their effort to come back to this industry although w/ the underwhelmed Fam, so hopefully they're going to make it through&can produce better works w/ better writer than Fam(obviously) in the future. I'm just curious, do you still watch Fam or completely dropped it Enzo?? considering there's only 2 more eps left anyway.

  9. Yeah, Gonzo was really special in the early to mid 2000s. Makes me all the more sad to see where they've fallen. I basically try and watch every ep of Fam, but I haven't made it through a whole one since the 2nd recap ep. When a recap ep is the series highlight, that's a bad sign.

    PK and RK are my two favorite Shinsengumi series, the ones that got me hooked on that era. The PK manga is even better than the anime, especially if you're a Suzu fan.

  10. h

    Oh..I already own all of the volumes of PMK&RK(I also have all the manga scans, too^^)since these 2 series already being published in my country, too bad the PMK manga is still on hiatus undefinetely till now,well let's just hope that Chrono Nanae sensei is motivated to pick it up again&finish it someday(hopefully) cuz it's one of the few good shinsengumi series I've encountered.
    After Otoyomegatari, now I really wish the publisher here in my country will also pick up Houro Musuko manga, Chihayafuru, Tegami Bachi& HxH ^_^

  11. A

    Ok the show was ok.. it was not pieced togeather very well and it was to short to really understand.. and the characters where all kind of played out… he week girl and the boy Bla Bla Bla I just wish they would have add more and explained more

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