Tsuritama (Spring NoitaminA Series) PV and Details

As you may know, Nakamura Kenji is directing the second Spring Noitamina series, Tsuritama, to go along with Watanabe Shinichiro’s Sakamichi no Apollon.  Until now Tsuritama has been an unknown, but we have a PV now as well as a synopsis.

So we have – remarkably, another series about high school boys – this time an original.  Miyu Irino is paired with Sugita Tomokazu again, along with solid young seiyuu Uchiyama Kouki and relative unknown Ohsaka Ryouta as the lead.  Looks like an odd and interesting premise – four odd boys, fishing, aliens, ecology and a pet duck.

This is certainly looking like the most interesting NoitaminA block for many a season – perhaps I’ve written of its demise prematurely.  It’s also encouraging to see that slice-of-life about guys appears to be making a real comeback – arguably a natural reaction to the avalanche of Girls@School shows in the last few years.  In terms of Nakamura-sensei, on the face of it this appears to be much more wistful and humorous ground than he’s covered in any of his major works.  “C” was a bit of a disaster, but he’s a major talent – and with he and Watanabe in charge of the block, there’s tremendous potential for NoitaminA this Spring (which is looking like the potentially the best overall anime season since 2007).  And that feels really good to say…



  1. D

    Spring season is really looking like a rebirth for Noitamina.

    I do wonder if everything since they moved to an hour long slot has been a big experiment trying different things, but that's not worked out for them so they're reverting to the more traditional Noitamina fare.

  2. S

    However though, at the end of the day, they're still trying to create anime series that will sell well to make money, like every other anime is trying to do. I don't really keep up with anime sales and stuff, but I've read that those traditional Noitamina shows did not sell very well at all. I think last year's titles sold better than the ones in 2010.

  3. M

    I'm unbelievably hyped for this series, one of the reasons is because Kenji Nakamura is in the director's seat and while [C] wasn't the blockbuster success I hoped it would be, his other works and contributions speak volumes about his talent. He really knows how to put together an aesthetically pleasing show without relying on cheap/easy gimmicks. He also likes trying out different things and vastly different genres. From the trailer alone you can really see how cohesive everything is, pretty impressive. As for the story, its a little on the odd side and I'm not sure what to think of it. I mean, how do these things actually come together? Should be interesting to see how these guys guys are going to save the world, hahaha!

    Yup. Spring on Noitamina looks as solid as ever. This and Sakamichi no Apollon are one of these most promising series to air next season.

  4. I

    I actually felt that the shows that are airing right now are the best since 2007.
    With the likes of:
    Ano Natsu
    Inu x Boku SS (which is getting far too little love in my opinion)

    I simply cannot fathom how spring could be better.

  5. b

    Fate/Zero 2.
    Just saying.

    And unlike the majority, I quite liked [C]. It was fun and interesting to watch even if it ended like that.
    So I'm looking forward to this work. Haven't seen a fishing show since Grander Musashi(wonder how many know of this show). Also, sci-fi and a good cast. I'm in.

    Spring's not making my life easy you know. With this, that makes it around 15 shows I'm going to check out on Spring.
    Though I think it's much harder for a blogger like you Enzo so yeah.

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