Inu X Boku SS – 07

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Low-key?  This show is so relaxed it should put you into a coma to match the one it sometimes seems to be in – but somehow, it just zips by and keeps me entertained.

In addition to the Petopeto-san vibe, one thing I definitely enjoy about Inu X Boku is that it’s very unconventional.  Though the characters are basically a collection of anime archetypes – actually slightly-skewed and clever variants on those archetypes – the storytelling itself is completely unorthodox.  It never seems to go just where I expect it to, and doesn’t seem to concern itself too much with the traditional three-act 22-minute formula.  What passes for “plot” is usually a razor-thin premise to gently extract a bit of development out of the characters.  There are pluses and minuses to that approach, but it’s nothing if not unusual.

I confess I find Soushi to be unremittingly boring, and his incessant fawning over Ririchiyo by far the least interesting element of the show.  And there was certainly too much of it this week for mu taste, as the premise this week portioned off the characters into small groups when the Maison’s security system was triggered by a youkai that had hitched a ride on a potted plant won by the genki maid, Chino.  I just don’t see much evolution in this relationship – she frets over the building romantic feelings that make her heart flutter and tries to work up the courage not to be tsuntsun, he dotes on her every hiccup and proclaims his unworthiness to be spit upon.  Blah, blah – I’m sure there’s a point to this, but frankly she deserves better as a character, and she’s much more interesting when dealing with the others.  Alas, that was impossible given the nature of the episode.

Much better, as always, were Karuta and Watanuki – separated by the security system into separate protected rooms, but still thinking of each other.  Meanwhile yuri cougar Nobara was lusting after Chino and the hired help were kibitzing in the servant’s quarters.  And the one I find myself really wanting to see more of is the enigmatic and deadpan Renshou, who’s getting a home-run performance from Hosoya Yoshimasa.  He’s quite the odd man out, never seeming to be too involved in anything and never showing much emotion, but keenly observing when he can be bothered to stay awake.  I’d love to find out more about what makes him tick, and he’d certainly make a better pairing for Ririchiyo (who used to have a huge crush on him) than Soushi, though that’ll never happen in a thousand years.

The punchline to all this was that the terribly dangerous monster Soushi described was just a bunch of obariyon, mostly harmless youkai than jump onto your back and don’t let go.  The only horrible thing about them is that Soushi was horrified that such a creature touch Ririchiyo, though that’s exactly what happened after Watanuki inadvertently weakened the force field and let them inside.  Sensing that he was in danger Karuta stopped mid-meal and went to save him (who’s protecting who, I ask) even though he’d been “training” all night to try and get stronger to protect her.  As usual, the plot was just the excuse, and the fun was mostly in watching the nonsense play out – especially Natsume’s toying with Watanuki and Karuta’s oddly silent-film styled adventures preparing dinner.  That doesn’t sound like much to build an episode around, but that’s Inu X Boku – go figure if it wasn’t actually pretty good.

[HorribleSubs] Inu X Boku Secret Service - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.01_[2012.02.23_17.12.58] [HorribleSubs] Inu X Boku Secret Service - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_10.27_[2012.02.23_17.15.24] [HorribleSubs] Inu X Boku Secret Service - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.58_[2012.02.23_17.20.23]
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  1. P

    That was Renshou's VA singing in the ED alongside Nobara's VA, correct? I really enjoyed it! It's definitely a funny contrast compared his deadpan character. =D

  2. Yup that was them. I love these new EDs every ep.

  3. A

    While I like the new ED's, I find I love the OP more. I tend to replay it 3x or so every time I watch the show.

  4. A

    I love your blog a bit more than RC now because you're blogging this show ♥
    Just wondering, will you cover Steins;Gate OVA/ep 25 on any of the blogs? If I remember… I think it was you who covered SG on RC.

  5. d

    I am also waiting for Enzo's post.
    Close your eyes

  6. Yes, I'll be posting on SG 25 on both blogs, probably tomorrow.

    And thank you! Always nice to hear that.

  7. d

    I like how the food just magically appear. Is must be part of the security system. Free Buffet!

  8. K

    LOL at Watanuki ending up getting rescued by Karuta instead after working so hard attempting to rescue her.

    I see Hikasa Youko (Nobara) and Toyosaki Aki (Chino) have their roles from K-ON reversed a bit here, as normally you would expect the shy Mio to get "molested" by Yui, even though Yui is the more air-headed one. (Of course, since her crazy performance in Seikon no Qwaser, we all know that Hikasa is more than capable of playing such sexually-depraved roles)

    And man I just love Renshou, he just seems… nonplussed about anything. When something even remotely interests him, he goes "oooooooohhhh" in the most deadpan way possible.

    Must be something to do with his Ittan-momen nature, as Ittan-momen is basically a fabric roll made of cotton, and as we all know, cotton soaks up anything it touches, thus reflecting his ability to soak up any pressure-inducing situation and still feel at ease.

  9. T

    I'm pretty sure Ririchiyo didn't actually hae a crush on Renshou but more felt happness that there was ONE person in her childhood life who wanted to interact with her as she was isolated by her family and society itself. I think it's more of the sense of belonging and knowing that something out there is actually putting effort into wanting to converse with you (even though it was an arranged marriage).

  10. Hmm… I got the sense that those letters were pretty lovey-dovey, but I confess I wasn't as engaged with the series at that stage so maybe I misinterpreted.

  11. n

    bunny guy is now my favourite for tricking watanuki into thinking the barrier can act as hyperbolic time chamber >:D

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