Eureka Seven AO: PV and Cast

We have a cast list and PV below the fold…

Cast List:

Fukai Ao: Yuutaro Motoshiro
Arata Naru: Kanako Miyamoto
Flair Blanc: Ayaka Ohashi
Elena Peoples: Chiaki Omigawa
Truth: Kazuhiko Inoue

OP – “Escape” from Hemenway
ED – “stand by me” from Stereopony

This series is already being massively dismissed and derided by the fan base, but I have high hopes.  BONES has gone to the trouble of casting an actual kid as Ao (Yuutaro-kun played Yango in BONES’ Xam’d) not to mention one of the very best seiyuu ever in Inoue Kazuhiko, and the PV is full of hand-drawn action sequences without a hint of CGI that I can see.  The plot looks iffy – it seems to be tweaked to conform to the flavor of the week a bit more than I’d like – but I’m keeping an open mind.  I actually liked the first chapter of the mange, though no one else seemed to.

BONES has announced that the new E7 sequel Eureka Seven AO: Astral Ocean will be premièring as a TV in the Spring.  The manga starts printing this month.  Not a ton of detail yet, but this is certainly interesting.  I think BONES needs to get back to their roots – a boy hero, exotic pretty girls and mechas.  Judging by the art it looks as if the hero is Renton & Eureka’s son.  I wasn’t thrilled with the E7 movie, but I have high hopes – the TV was certainly flawed, but at its best it was superb.  Spring 2012 is beginning to look like it could be a huge season.



  1. R

    i have hope in this, hope Bones don't screw this up like the movie, although movie ending still acceptable

  2. m

    Hmmm… I'm not sure how I feel about this yet, but if nothing else it'll be fun to go back and see how all the fun characters are doing.

  3. A

    Hi there, Eureton XD.
    Well, I was a fan of the original series and its over the topness love rainbows butterflies kiss-in-space ( give me happy ending in my mecha any day XD )… I'm not storing too much hope as far as sequels go but I wouldn't mind following Eureka and Renton's son's adventures per se. we'll see ^^.


  4. E

    The new season is supposed to look big. It is the hype machine that keeps them in business that gets to all of us. Famous titles to famous seiyuu, it is all the same.

  5. d

    I did not watch the original but from what i heard Eureka was popular because of unique story. This one seems cliche.

  6. E7 was just BONES being BONES – a classic boy and his mecha story with a fascinating but confusing plot. What sold the series for me was the great characters.

  7. r

    is it just me or Ao really looks like Renton with Eureka's hair color? maybe it gives a hint that he's Renton's and Eureka's son. jumping site by site, i found a lot of cool E7 stuffs in the site of PIJ. just sharin' fellow otakus! =D

  8. I think it's basically canon already that Ao is Renton and Eureka's son, just waiting on the details.

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