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    I am actually pretty interested in this cross over. I always thought Piccard was boss and the borg and cybermen are a pretty good match as a team. Not going to set expectations real high but still going to look forward to it based on my Star Trek and Who love.

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    one way to say on it ONORE DECADE!!!

  3. F

    Nothing good can come from this.

    Though a friend suggested that a better crossover would be the 9th Doctor and Sisko.

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    I have learned over the years to keep an open mind when it comes to Dr. Who. If this is done right it can be very good. If they don't put much effort into it you can pretty much guarantee they will be dogged big time.

    Look at the remake of Sherlock Holmes in modern times on the BBC now. When everyone heard they were gonna remake the series in our timelines everyone said it was going to be bloody awful. Instead it has turned out to be a fantastic series.

  5. Well, that's thanks to Steven Moffatt, the guy currently running "Who". If he were involved with this crossover I'd feel a lot better…

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    But it's different if it's not a TV series. I mean, there is LOTS of good writer's for DW. There has been comics, books and most of the series isn't written by Moffat as well. While I do think he does the series lots of good, other writers do handle it very well too. So I have hope for this, this could turn out to be some real good nerdgasmn for anyone into the two fandoms, it could also be utter crap, but I think for a crossover between two big universes like DW and Star Trek it is unlikely to turn out to be crap.

  7. K

    I was never much of a Trekkie myself but my friend was a huge TNG fan & I recently got her into Doctor Who, I can imagine she would get a kick out of this.

  8. I think they like to be called "Trekkers"… But yes, I was a big TNG fan too – much more than TOS, actually. If you're going to match the Doctor with an Enterprise Captain, Picard is certainly the right one.

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