Ano Natsu de Matteru – 06

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I’m not sure I’ve laughed harder this year than I did  when Mio reached back to pull down her skirt…

Seriously, does that girl have no shame?  We’ve pretty much confirmed that she’s always nude at home, and she wasn’t shy about sleeping that way in the same room as Kanna.  But that last scene where she rescued Tetsuro from Arisawa pretty confirms that she was indeed going commando at school, too.  She’s deliciously naughty, this one – how can a sharp dude like Tetsuro not notice someone like that is warm for his form?  I guess we’re never more clueless than about what should be most obvious.

One of the things I’ve really come to love about Ano Natsu is that is almost never beats around the bush (sorry, Mio).  There’s just no BS here – where most romcoms are dithering and dallying, it just whips out all the dirty laundry and airs it for the world to see.  I’d certainly seen enough already to figure that when this show did a beach episode, it was going to go somewhere with the trope, and boy did it ever.  A trip to Okinawa courtesy of Manami Onee-san provides the vehicle for some excellent fanservice, slapstick comedy and actual plot progression – a whole lot of that last one, actually.  The best part is the fanservice is actually sexy, and the comedy often uproariously funny.  Why can’t every beach episode be like this one?

We left things last time with Tetsuro having confessed on Kanna’s behalf, with Ichika overhearing.  I saw nothing this week to shake my opinion that it was fundamentally a strategic move on Tetsuro’s part, but in case you were worried things would stagnate and obsess over that cliffhanger, you needn’t have been.  Affairs get a big fat push in the form of two Okinawa beach babes, the aforementioned Arisawa Chiharu (Iguchi Yuka) and her friend Kinoshita Kaori (Kayano Ai), who happens to be an elementary school friend of Kaito’s from up north.  Not only that, but they were “engaged” – play-engaged in that grade-school way, that is.  Or so Kaito thinks, but Kaori was serious then and upon seeing her “Seaboy”, she’s serious now.  A convenient device to drive the plot?  Sure – but Kaori and Arisawa were so bloody entertaining that I didn’t mind a bit.

When the ever-troublemaking Remon invites the girls to join the filming, things really hit the fan.  Mio, Ichika and Kanna stew in their own juices as Kaori and Arisawa put the moves on Kaito and Tetsuro, respectively.  Kaori’s motives seem clear enough, and quite genuine – Kaito was a huge childhood crush and she’s still into him.  Arisawa OTOH pretty much just seems like a teenager with her hormones (and vocal chords) out of control, and it’s when she stalks Tetsuro back to the house where our heroes are staying that the soon-to-be legendary skirt scene with Mio takes place.  Both Rinon and Arisawa took the brunt of the damage from her attack, although Rinon’s came on the business end of Arisawa’s bikini-clad behind (“Streat”?  I’m not sure I want to know).  Mio certainly is an odd girl – public nudity, private nudity, photo-realistic Mont Saint-Michel sand castles…  And when she finally decides to confess, she does it with a bottomless flying tackle onto her man’s bed.

As for the male lead and his growing harem, again I found the whole encounter to be refreshingly free of BS.  Kaito was very blunt when Kaori confronted him with her feelings in the jungle – he told her straight out that he had someone he loves, and that he was serious about it.  Kaito doesn’t get much fan love but he’s a pleasingly straightforward main character – he was quick to confess his feelings to Ichika and quick to dissuade Kaori of any false hope.  Of course Ichika arrives only at the tail-end of all this to find Kaito and Kaori staring at each other, tears rolling down her face – but while Ano Natsu loves its cliffhangers it also loves resolving them quickly, and I don’t think that misunderstanding is going to be a drawn-out distraction next week.

So, status update – Ichika knows Kaito loves her, Kaito doesn’t know Ihcika loves him too but does know Kanna loves him, thanks to Tetsuro.  Kanna loves Kaito but he doesn’t love her, and she doesn’t know he knows she loves him.  Tetsuro loves Kanna but she doesn’t know, but now he does know that Mio loves him – or he’s more clueless than anyone on Earth.  But no one, apparently, loves poor Mio (apart from me and countless viewers and future doujin artists).  Kaori loves Kaito and he knows, but he doesn’t love her.  Carnivorous Arisawa loves beefcake, and I suspect any cut will do.  Remon, meanwhile, seemingly knows everything about everyone and loves using it to her advantage.  And Rinon is unconscious with a truly lovely teenaged posterior on top of him, with possibly disastrous consequences for Planet Earth and/or Kaito.  That should be plenty to keep us busy – and wildly entertained – for quite a while.

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  1. A

    Just such a wonderful series

  2. S

    It really is a great series. Ano Natsu has one of the best pacings I've seen in a long time.

  3. E

    Hmm… I wonder why they make that redhair an alien when it doesn't have any significance.

  4. K

    If the group shot at the opening of everyone sitting on the porch is any indication of the pairings (based on how close the characters are). Looks like Kanna's going to be the loser of the group

  5. J

    I love that it adds more "adult" stuff in there minus all the immaturity that comes with it. To put it more simply, it doesn't make a big deal out of it's adult stuff.

  6. F

    Mio has by far the least amount of fanart of the NatsuMachi girls (right now it stands at Kanna > Ichika > Lemon > Mio), but hopefully that will change.

    And I can't be the only one who doesn't think that Kanna's all that and a bag of chips, right? Am I just missing something here?

    Also Tetsurou's a complete moron if he doesn't go for Mio.

  7. U

    You are not alone.

    Kanna is easily the worst character of the main cast. All she does is either cockblock some Kaito x Ichika scenes or make some half-hearted move on the main character, which always pales in comparison to any of his time with Ichika.

    Kanna is gloomy, predictable and inferior looking compared to both Ichika and Mio.

    She should not end up with Kaito. What made me love the Onegai series in the first place was the hot red haired older woman. Onegai Twins was disapointing because it was basically a love triangle with two Kannas and a main character. Therefore, Ichika must win to restore the series former glory.

    She should not end up with Tetsurou. I mean, look at them. Kanna and Tetsurou look like brother and sister! Not to mention superior Mio, which was a more unique personality, better looks, and far better scenes with Tetsurou, despite the little screentime she gets.

  8. I like Kanna, but then I like all the characters on this series. She's not my absolute favorite among them (Ichika-Mio-Kanna for me) but I still think she's an excellent character.

  9. U

    Kanna is not a bad character. She is very well executed, to the point that i really care about who will end up with who, and that's exactly what it makes the show so enjoyable.

    However, the competition is too strong.

    Ichika > Mio > Kanna.

  10. J

    Interesting, I actually like Kanna the best out of all the girls because she's the most normal. I don't know, but I like my characters to be believable. Not to say that I don't like the other girls in the anime either, but Kanna's flaws are what make her like her the most. I guess you could say I feel more empathetic towards her. No matter who ends up with who though, I think I want all of them to end up happy

  11. J

    the most *relatable* (forgot to add that word in haha)

  12. j

    These things are a matter of taste, right? Kanna is plenty cute, just not as curvy as Ichika or Mio. I'm sure there are still things to be revealed, but it looks to me like any of the three would be well worth having as a girlfriend.

  13. J

    yuuup, matter of taste indeed, although I'm not attracted to kanna's looks, but her character as an idea. I mean, I guess if mio was a real person, her being naked all the time would be more interesting (lol), and the tall and well endowed ichika would be as well, but their character developments seemed to be lacking compared to kanna, who we kind of have an idea about the mentality of. It's sort of obvious that Ichika like Kaito and Mio likes Tetsurou, but the anime hasn't dove into those two yet. I guess you could say I'm saving my real judgment for later, but so far, since kanna got the most character development out of all the girls (imo), I like her the most.

  14. J

    Although I have to say, it seems that if Ichika does not end up leaving earth at all, Kanna seems to be the one that will end up not being paired with anyone. I dunno, it's all speculation at this point. Nobody could be paired up with anyone for all I know (which would be painfully beautiful in a way).

  15. S

    This is like high school all over again and gosh, how lucky can Kaito get? He has not two but three hot girls throwing themselves at him right now.
    Agree that Mio hasn't received enough love. She gets extra points for being the most straightforward girl out of the bunch, by flashing her goods in front of Tetsuro 😉

  16. S

    Ohhhh teen goodness *drools at awesome hilarity* High school- about the only time in life including anime where a cute hormone driven girl in short shorts is FORCING you to have sex then is PUSHED OFF by the hot friend who ISNT WEARING ANY UNDERWEAR while conveniently on your bed…by the ocean. If Tetsuro was the least bit less 'delicate' and Mio less of a sweet (perverted) darling we'd probably be in for a tricycle about now. Since I just finished watching this I still have a massive grin on my face as I write. Hang in there Kanna!

  17. j

    ok… I will go with the minority here… I like Ichika, and I think it might end up in her favor (she has the main heroine protection halo after all), but I support Kanna and Mio just because it is so sad to see awesome support characters go with a broken heart…
    Rinon seems to be malfunctioning now, so that might push the plot to go forward in a big way soon…
    All I hope is this show doesn't end in a tragic way….
    ps. more dynamite drink next week? AWESOME!!!!

  18. J

    "None of them…are coming back…from this buzz"

  19. A

    Mother of cliffhangers.

    (Maybe I should try to skim the Onegai series sometime soon…)

  20. d

    I got the feeling She is the daughter of onegai sensei and wants to see the lake her mother crashed into.

  21. d

    Mio is winning the vote
    And her not wearing anything under is pretty obvious. The wind was blowing her skirt in a previous episode. But I guess i have the benefit of marathon from episode 2 so I can see things clearer.

  22. A

    damn!..i hate and love those cliffhangers!!.. xp

  23. A

    just watched ep1-5 i know why mio covered her skirt when the wind was blowing in ep3..hahaha.. O_o

  24. d

    That is not the point. Every girl would cover their skirt when the wind blows.
    The point is that in anime, wind blows skirts for fan service. But if nothing is shown it could either be
    1. Show is meant for kids
    2. The show is attempting to show the girl have some decency
    As the above 2 reasons are not applicable (not for kids, and in ep 1 Mio was shown to be an indecency girl), it must be option 3. She joined the army.

  25. A

    hehe..i just really find it funny how she reacted and look around after that..

  26. d

    That I agree on. Way cute.
    I at first thought she was a very shy person. Then I remembered her reactions and words from episode 1… she is only shy because of when her closet pervertness come out.

  27. A

    hahaha..yeah, but now her secret is revealed boldly..

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