Winter 2012 Blogging Schedule

Here’s a tentative look at what this coming season will look like at LiA:

  • Sunday: Hunter x Hunter 2011, Gundam AGE (Digest), Mirai Nikki (Simulcast with Random Curiosity), Aquarion EVOL (Tentative)

  • Monday: Another (S), Natsume Yuujinchou Shi, Ano Natsu de Matteru, Daily Lives of High School Boys

  • Tuesday: Chihayafuru (S), Papa no iu Koto wo Kikinasai (T)

  • Wednesday: Sleep

  • Thursday: Guilty Crown, Therma Romae/Black Rock Shooter (T), Recorder to Randoseru (T), Amagami SS+ plus

  • Friday: High School D x D (T), Shana III (D), Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam (D)

  • Saturday: Area no Kishi (S), Mouretsu Pirates (T), Bakuman
As you can see, Monday is the killer day for me this season (for the first time I can remember) – four series, and all of them are 100% locks to blog and among my top picks.  At least one of those will likely spill over to Tuesday on any given week.  Thursdays are light for a change, due in large part to an especially weak NoitaminA block.  Sundays should be fairly busy as well.
As of now I have 11 series I’m more or less to blog with full-length posts, which believe it or not is light for me compared to the last two seasons.  I have six “tentative” shows, meaning I’ll blog at least the first couple of eps and may take them on for regular coverage or at least digest coverage.  Going in, this doesn’t look like an especially deep season to me, though there are a few shows – especially Natsume Shi, Another, Ano Natsu, Danshi Koukousei and Area no Kishi – that look like they might have the chance to be special.  Irritating me to no end, four of those five shows are airing on Monday (why do you hate me, Japan?).  Spring, on the other hand, looks very good and jam-packed from three months distance.


  1. b

    No Nisemono? Shame.
    And no Wed animes again? Japan's schedules confuse me. Makes it hard on your blogging too 😀
    One thing is for sure, one of them will kick the bucket early on in your blogging schedule after I saw its PV and read its material. Take a guess 🙂

    Happy New Year 🙂

  2. S

    Just wondering, what are you looking forward to in the Spring season? I for one can't wait for several zombie animes, JUMP adaptations and continuations.

  3. See my preview for thoughts on Nisemono… I actually haven't seen a PV so bad it convinced me I'd be dropping the series – which one do you mean?

  4. Let's see… The E7 sequel, F/Z Part 2, Jormungand, Sakamichi no Apollon… It's already looking busy.

  5. S

    If I were to take a punt at what belatkuro's talking about, I bet it would be Papakiki, seeing as majority of anime viewers basically judge every anime by its cover without actually checking out the source material.

    I for one like the manga.

  6. C

    What are your expectations for Nichijou when compared to the previous season's Kimi To Boku.

  7. @Cybersteel
    Sorry, Cybersteel – not a 4 Girls@School guy. I try most all of them and none of them do squat for me.

    If I were to guess, I suppose the leads in Nichijou would be somewhat more manly than the ones in KtB…

  8. b

    I was actually talking about Highschool DxD. It's actually pretty mediocre, the LN, but it has some little merits that some entertainment can be derived from it. Plus the excessive fanservice might not be to your tastes. So yeah I thought it might be the first one to go once it airs.
    We'll see I guess.

  9. I love fanservice, as long as it's not all a series has going for it. I confess I don't know much about the LN except it's popular.

  10. j

    Enzo… guess you are just not into Nishio Ishin's monogatari style… the PVs are actually quite faithful to the LN (and fun to watch too), as the first comment said, it is sad in a way, but thanks all the same for your hard work, I enjoy your blog nonetheless :3
    ps. Happy new year!

  11. Happy New Year, jrj. And yep, just not into Nishio's style. To each his own.

  12. E

    Ok so I was just slammed with this Fate/Prototype teaser aka mini episode out of nowhere! And I am DYING to know what the hell it is and if it'll be airing during Fate/Zero's break AND of course if you'll be blogging it Enzo?

    It kind of felt a little too heavy on the tropes to me, but at the same time it also kind of seems like what F/Sn would have been … had it not sucked. Yes Fate/Stay Night minions feel free to now descend on me with your wrath for saying that. I don't like the show, never will.

    But anyway, have you heard anything about it Enzo?

  13. M

    I'm one of those who dropped Bakemonogatari early on. The two main reasons were the exhausting visual style and Senjougahara's character.

    However, I recently decided to give it another chance and marathon it and I've got to say I loved it. It may be because (I heard) the animation underwent some major fixing on the BDs or because I had a sudden realization about the reason why Senjougahara behaves the way she does, I really can't tell… but I'm looking forward to Nisemonogatari.

    Anyway, even though you say it's light, that looks like a busy schedule. All I can say is: don't overwork yourself. This may go without saying but don't feel forced to blog something on a given day no matter what, or at all if you don't enjoy it.

  14. S

    Definitely looking forward to Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou at LiA. Let the LOLs begin 😉

  15. K

    I watch the 1st episode of every anime when it premieres and give it a shot to try and grab my attention. After that I will drop ones that seem too kiddish or nothing but fan service with no plot.

    Right now I'm downloading the 1st episode of the new Natsume and THAT I have been looking forward to.

  16. @ELX
    Afraid I know nothing about it…

  17. I won't blog anything I don't enjoy, trust me! Not enough hours in the day.

  18. b

    Allow me to answer that question about Fate/Prototype.
    F/P is, as the name says, the prototype of FSN. It was Nasu's first draft of FSN when he was in highschool. It was eventually discarded and modified to what FSN is now. The OVA was just a 12 min look into what it was originally and it was bundled with Carnival Phantasm vol3 as a bonus. No further plans for it was announced. We're lucky that it was even animated because it's a forgotten manuscript.

    I would argue back and defend the FSN anime but this isnt the place for it.
    I will just say there's a reason why F/P remained just a prototype and I still prefer the current FSN.

  19. E


    Thank you for clearing that up! I actual liked F/P or at least the 12 minutes of it we were given, and I wouldn't have minded seeing more … which is bizarre considering how I feel about FSN lol … I know, we definitely don't agree there but I don't hold personal viewing preferences against anyone xD thanks again for the info!

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