Recorder to Randoseru – 02

[Hadena] Recorder to Randsell 02 [848x480 x264 AAC][AD90F89C].mkv_snapshot_00.51_[2012.01.11_20.45.00] [Hadena] Recorder to Randsell 02 [848x480 x264 AAC][AD90F89C].mkv_snapshot_01.41_[2012.01.11_20.45.50] [Hadena] Recorder to Randsell 02 [848x480 x264 AAC][AD90F89C].mkv_snapshot_02.24_[2012.01.11_20.46.33]


So here’s my question: why is this only three minutes?  I wasn’t too sure, but after a couple of eps I think the premise is actually pretty cute in a dumb sort of way.  The show has some heart and some actual charm to it, and it’s fun to hear KugiRie and especially Okiayu Rotaru ham it up in these roles. I know it’s a 4-koma but other 4-komas have successfully transitioned into full-length series, and I think there’s enough meat on these bones to stretch over 22 minutes and give the story and characters some depth.  I liked the second episode, especially the trip to to the supermarket – very sweet.



  1. b

    What's worse is that a minute of this show was devoted to the ED and the advertisement.
    Still it was cute and amusing. The sister clearly has a reason why he drags the brother for shopping 😉
    And Aya Hirano had more lines now.

    So I take it AGE has been dropped from your blogging? Shame as the latest episode was great and we're getting close to the second generation skip.

  2. A

    I enjoyed ep 2 … a lot. I sincerely hope that this is the touchmark of future eps in the series.

    But I love heartwarming, fuzzy stuff like ep 2, as you know. 😀

    – Flower

  3. Belat, I've been traveling all week and I'm way behind. The plan is to blog AGE and Fam tomorrow, if I can manage it.

  4. E

    Without reading the source material, I would guess it comes from a 4-koma. The premise is weak, but I like it a bit because it does not overestimate the length of the episode that the premise works well with. They could have combine episodes, but there might be a reason for airing shorts. In other words, there may be a niche for 3-minute animes I do not know about because I do not watch the shows as they appear on telivision. I may be wrong and just letting my ignorance speak for me since I know very little this.

  5. Hi Eric. Then source is a 4-koma as I said in the post above, but my point was that just because it's a 4-koma that doesn't mean you can't adapt it into a full-length anime. I think there's enough in this premise to do so.

  6. K

    I agree with Enzo. Watching this likeable series in 3 minute doses is like opening a huge bag of Doritos and eating 1 chip. Then you close the bag up for another day.

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