Mirai Nikki – 14

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It’s good to be the King. Apart from the whole crossbow bolt in the thigh thing…

This is one of those Mirai Nikki episodes that’s a little hard to talk about, because most of it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense yet and that’s actually on purpose. While I won’t try and explain any of that stuff, lots of interesting things happened that I can talk about, most of them involving the Yandere Queen (funny how it usually works out that way). To say that her relationship with her “Yukkii” took a new turn would be quite an understatement, and I don’t mean her helping him to pee-pee.

Remember all those complaints about how Yukiteru ought to just put himself in Yuno’s hands (no pun intended) once and for all, since it was obvious how everything she did was for him? Well, here’s your abject lesson about putting your trust in your stalker. In Yuno’s fevered mind, she was doing Yukiteru a favor by “protecting” him until the happy day of 7/28 – despite Hinata’s horrified objections, I’ve no doubt that Yuno truly thought he was “delighted” as she force-fed him beef stew while he was tied-up in his underwear in an abandoned hotel. Something funny is clearly going on with Yuno’s mind – even by her standards – as Akise’s involvement showed.

For his part, Akise reminded me of a cat I used to own who was smart enough to get himself into all sorts of nasty places, but not smart enough to get out of them. The hard truth is that if it hadn’t been for Kousaka’s “King” diary showing them the notion of escaping through the air duct, Akise would have died with Kousaka and Mao is that basement. How humiliating is it to be saved by “King” Kousaka? Be that as it may, there’s the odd matter of Kousaka’s diary to consider – out of the blue, it suddenly seems to have gained future diary powers, as detailed in a text from someone calling hemselves “Eighth” and telling Kousaka that he’d been promoted to “Future Diary Apprentice”. We later see a peaceful scene at what appears to be an orphanage, as a little girl tells a woman with rather unique proportions (Konno Hiromi) that Kousaka was battling with Gasai and that she’d “sent three apprentices over for a little visit” to the scene.

But as usual it all comes back to Yuno, and her twisted relationship with Yuki. By all accounts he seems seriously pissed this time, slapping her and telling her to “go to hell”. Frankly, that’s letting her pretty lightly considering what she’d done to him, but as he rode away in Nishijima’s car (which had an odd encounter with a red sports car and its three riders passing in the opposite direction) Yukiteru seemed pretty determined to, as Pete Townshend might say, not get fooled again. Yuno’s behavior is odd, even for her– she seems to have no memory of Kousaka, and breaks into hysterical laughter when Akise tells her he found three corpses – two headless and one complete – at the bottom of the pit in her back yard (which inconveniently scuttled his plan to blackmail her). The only thing certain is that Yuno still seems convinced Yuki needs her to protect him at all costs, no matter what he says or does, and she isn’t going to give up on doing so – she is his stalker, after all…

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  1. S

    I'm assuming you meant episode 14 instead of 15. xD

  2. d

    Must have had some interesting dreams of the pink haired princess and made up his own version of in-between 13 and 15.

  3. I have no (cough) idea what you're talking about…

  4. J

    "The hard truth is that if it hadn’t been for Kousaka’s “King” diary showing them the notion of escaping through the air duct, Akise would have died with Kousaka and Mao is that basement"

    Well if Kousaka would of held the door like he was suppose to they would of never been trapped. That arrow will teach him a lesson lol.

  5. A

    An arrow on the knee would be better.

  6. A

    no it wouldn't shut up that joke is old and dead

  7. B

    Holy necropost Batman. Someone who is SO PISSED about that joke that he has to chew someone out for it 4 and a half months after it was made.

  8. b

    What, no Skyrim meme here? I am disappoint.

    And the other diary user/s have appeared now. We're in for some trouble.

    I am still disturbed by Yuno having to force-feed Yukiteru and make him go pee-pee in there.

  9. N

    Yuuno turned King Kousaka into a Policeman :-O (Skyrim joke)

    Anyway, I guess 8th's power is to create new Diary Holders (if that's the case, wonder if the powers differ from Apprentice to Apprentice) or give others ability to use her Diary (Apprentices).

  10. I plead guilty to knowing nothing about Skyrim, so I didn't get the joke…

  11. K

    Ocasionally you run into a former fighter/guard type who says "I used to be a XXX until I took an arrow to the knee". Meaning he could no longer be a guard or a warrior and became a farmer or shopkeeper due to his ruined knee.

  12. E

    "Kousaka becomes Nishijima's apprentice after he took an arrow in the knee."
    The author really loves peeing scene, it's disturbing.
    We saw Minene peed while Nishijima standing outside the half opened door.
    We saw Yuno peed all over the floor when there's a bucket nearby.
    And now, this. X_X
    Yeah, that's a funny proportion. I have been wondering about it from seeing the shilouette in ending sequence. I thought it's some kind of mask or hairstyle. But it turned out to be her real head. Is 8th even human? LOL. I guess her power is to give limited time future diary to other people. Otherwise it would be too unfair and overpowered.
    This is just a guess, I dropped the manga~

  13. K

    Believe it or not everything that Yuno does makes sense for the most part. Also only 1 diary owner can be left when the game ends and she makes the hard decisions that he won't.

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