Winter 2012 Season Preview

As I get ready to look back on the best and worst of 2011 in anime, first let’s look ahead to Winter 2012.  As always, I’m only going to preview the series of particular interest to me – there are numerous wikis for those of you looking for something more comprehensive.  Full previews are below the fold. Please check the sidebar and vote for your most anticipated series in the poll.

  A few notes:

  • No, I’m not planning to blog or watch Nisemonogatari.  I hope you all love it, but Isin Nisio just rubs me the wrong way – his writing style isn’t my cup of tea. Bad chemistry I guess.
  • As always there will be shows I don’t even have on my radar that I’ll end up watching and even blogging – happens every season.  I’ll watch the first episode of just about everything (even Nisemono) just in case it grabs me.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, I don’t plan on dropping any of the multi-cour series I’m currently blogging.  Gundam AGE may be a casualty, even in digest form, if the Winter turns out deeper than I’m expecting.
  • Feel free to try and convince me why I should be covering something I’m bypassing .  No promises, but I always keep an open mind.
  • The plan for now is to continue blogging LE: Fam, Mirai Nikki and Chihayafuru at RC as well as LiA.  I expect Natsume Yuujinchou Shi will also be simulcast at both sites.  All that is subject to change.

On that note, I recall that I seem to say this just about every season, but Winter looks pretty thin to me, both in terms of must-see shows and overall depth.  But then, I’ve been wrong before.  Fall will end up going down as a good season, I think, though not a great one. 

Without further ado, let’s get to the previews:

Natsume Yuujinchou Shi – Brains Base (Mondays 25:30, TV Tokyo, Premières 1/2)

Director: Omori Takahiro  Writer: Murai Sadayuki Preview:

There’s really not much to say here – I’ve loved Natsumu Yuujinchou for three seasons and I expect to love the fourth.  S3 was my least favorite, though that’s mostly personal preference as the show focused more in the humans in Natsume’s life and less on the youkai.   All the main cast and crew are back (most critically Omori-dono) so all should be well.  My suspicion when the fourth season was announced so quickly was that the manga would be ending and this was being done so that the anime could end simultaneously, but there’s no evidence of that so far.

Recorder to Randoseru – Seven (Wednesdays 25:00, Teletama, 1/5)

Director: Kimura Hiroshi  Writer: TBA

An interesting and weird premise, an 11 year-old boy who looks like an adult looked after by his 17 year-old sister who looks 11.  Not much to go one with Kimura, who’s worked in secondary roles on a few good shows, and relatively minor studio Seven.  Source is a 4-koma manga by Higashiya Meme.

High School D x D – TNK (Thursdays 11:00, AT-X, 1/6)

Director: Yanagisawa Tetsuya  Writer: Yoshioka Takao  Trailer:

The premise – lecherous HS loser is killed on his first date and reincarnated as a devil, working for the campus hottie – sounds tired and played out.  But the director has a hand with comedy (Sora no Otoshimono) and the writer has a long résumé of generally good composition work, including Elfen Lied.  I know these LNs are mega-popular, FWIW, and I’ll be looking in with a good deal of curiosity.

Area no Kishi – Shin-Ei Animation (Fridays 06:00, TV Asahi, 1/7)

Director: Ogura Hirofumi  Writer: TBA Preview:

Mainstream anime powerhouse Shin-Ei (Doraemon, Crayon Shin-chan – also the underrated film Summer Days With Coo) brings us an adaptation of Igano Hiroaki’s popular manga about two soccer-playing brothers.  I’ve heard good things about the manga and I’m always “game“ for a solid sports shounen than focuses on character, so I’m hopeful this will win a spot in the rotation – especially given the rarity of soccer anime and even sports anime in the Western market.

Daily Lives of High School Boys – Sunrise (Mondays 26:00, TV Tokyo, 1/9)

Director: Takamatsu Shinji  Writer: TBA  Preview:

I’ve already previewed this so you know I’m psyched for it.  Check out the four PVs (one linked above) for a taste of what’s to come, and that looks like very, very funny stuff.  With Takamatsu directing, I’m hopeful this is finally going to be the show that ridicules the “girls in school” trope as it so richly deserves and offers an authentic take on the other side of high school life.  If it is, it’ll be just about the first.

Another – P.A. Works (Mondays, 25:35, KNB, 1/9)

Director: Izushima Tsutomu  Writer: Higaki Ryou  Trailer:

From the moment it was announced this has been my most anticipated series of the Winter season.  Any P.A. Works series is going to be special – they consistently deliver some of the most beautiful anime on television.  Mizushima-Sensei (I forgive you for Blood-C, Sensei) is a rock-solid director.  Higaki-san wrote for Seirei no Moribito and original creator Ayatsuji Yukito is the husband of Ono Fuyumi (Shiki, Ghost Hunt, Twelve Kingdoms).  So the pedigree is stellar, and the premise looks like a fascinating blend of suspense, horror and school life.  This one looks like the best masterpiece candidate of the season – let’s hope it lives up to the promise.

Black Rock Shooter – Ordet/SANZIGEN (Thursdays 24:45, Fuji TV, 2/2)

Director: Yoshioka Shinbou  Writer: Okada Mari  Trailer:

I’ll be honest – I probably wouldn’t be watching this if it weren’t on NoitaminA, and I’m depressed as hell that Winter will feature this and Guilty Crown as the block.  I don’t have anything against Vocaloids or either series, and I thought the BRS OVA was tolerable.  But though I support NoitaminA wanting to branch out a little, two heavily commercial series with little in terms of serious character development is a distressing turn of events for the block, because if shows like Hourou Musuko and Sarai-ya Goyou can’t find a home there they’ll never get made – and there’s always going to be a place for shows like this and Guilty Crown.  Still, I’ll give it a shot out of loyalty to Yamamoto Koji.  As with the OVA Yamakan’s Ordet is the driving force here.

Amagami SS+ plus – AIC (Thursdays 25:55, BS-TBS, 1/5)

Director: Kobayashi Tomoki  Writer: Kimura Noboru Preview:

It’s an anime-original second season, with Kobayashi-san stepping up to the Director’s role this time.  Looks like a miniaturized version of the omnibus S1, which means two episodes centered on each heroine.  There were very nice moments mixed in with a lot of yawns in S1, but I’ll be watching for the Haruka at the very least. More ramen scenes, please!

Mouretsu Pirates – Satelight (Saturdays 24:30, MBS/Tokyo MX, 1/7)

Director/Writer: Sato Tatsuo  Preview:

The premise – schoolgirl becomes captain of a pirate ship in space – sounds a bit lame, to be honest.  But it’s Satelight, who always offer an interesting perspective, and Sato has written some interesting stuff (Nadescio, Kino’s Journey) and been involved in shows like Pita Ten and Stellvia.  This one is giving off sleeper vibes for me.  Of course, this LN adaptation has been in development limbo since 2009, which could be a sign of trouble.  I’m curious, at the very least.

Inu x Boku SS – David Production (Thursdays 26:00, MBS, 1/12)

Director: Tsuda Naokatsu  Writer: Nemoto Saizo  Preview:

David Production has had a very good 2011 (Level E, Ben-To) and while they’re not prolific or long-standing, they’ve established themselves as a studio with a quirky sensibility and real visual flair.  This adaptation of Fujiwara Cocoa’s popular manga looks fairly interesting, though the plot strikes me a bit convoluted.  Still, a mansion full of ayakashi secret service agents (S.S.) protecting ojou-samas is somewhat intriguing.  As for the staff, there’s not enough evidence to push my expectations either way.

Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai – Feel (Thursdays 25:30, Tokyo MX/MBS, 1/10)

Director: Kawasaki Itsuro  Writer: Arakawa Naruhisa  Trailer:

Honestly, I suspect this LN adaptation about a 19 year-old college student suddenly having to watch over three little girls (13, 11 and 5) could be truly awful – full of the worst kind of lowbrow fanservice and otaku pandering.  And there’s really nothing in the track record of either the director or writer that makes me feel differently, though Arakawa did write the adaptation of the interesting (and ecchi) Yosuga no Sora.  But I’m giving it a shot just on the off chance that it could be an R-15 style surprise, an ecchi show with more heart and smarts than it looks like from the outside.

Aquarion EVOL – Satelight/8-Bit (Sundays 25:35, Family Theatre, 1/8)

Director: Yamamoto Yusuke  Writer: Okada Mari  Trailer:

Lots of big names involved with this intriguing project – Okada, arguably the most star-filled cast of the season, and legendary Kawamori Shoji (director of the original Aquarion and Macross, et al) to oversee the series.  I haven’t seen much of the original series but it has an undeniable pedigree among mecha fans, and this sequel – set 12,000 years later – is one of the most high-profile entries of the Winter.  The animation and character designs, fittingly I suppose, are extremely retro.

Ano Natsu de Matteru – JC Staff (Mondays 25:30, Aichi, 1/9)

Director: Nagai Tatsuyuki  Writer: Kuroda Yasuke  Preview: PV2: PV3

I may be wrong, but I don’t recall JC Staff doing too many original series and while they’re not among my favorite studios, this looks like an interesting work.  The director, Nagai-sensei (AnoHana), has shown a sure and sometimes brilliant hand with relationship drama.  But the staff list is loaded with quality, like Onegai Teacher franchise character designer Uon Taraku and writer Kuroda (Onegai, Honey & Clover II, Oofuri, Infinite Ryvius) is no slouch either.  Haruka Tomatsu is the female lead – always a win – and the male lead, Nobunaga Shimazaki, is a relative unknown and fairly young, something we’ve see too rarely of late with male seiyuu.  Concept art is very HanaIro – all we know of the story is that it’s a high-school romantic comedy featuring two girls and a boy.  Maybe the most high-profile original series JC Staff has done in some years.

Will Definitely Blog: Natsume Yuujinchou Shi, Daily Lives of High School Boys, Another, Black Rock Shooter (to start with at least), Amagami SS+ plus, Mouretsu Pirates, Ano Natsu de Matteru

This Winter definitely has a strong crop of OVAs.  I’ll be following R-15 (12/13), Hoshizora (12/21 – Ayumu end?), Toradora (12/21), Major – World Series Arc (12/16), Denpa Onna (1/25), Fairy Tail (February), and Steins;Gate (2/22).  There are also more Usagi Drop shorts coming, as well as a series of Ikoku Meiro shorts.

On the big screen, Rurouni Kenshin: Shin Kyoto-Hen (which I think should have been called “WTF Are You Thinking-Hen”) arrives 12/07.  My disappointment with this decision to animate an anime-original retelling of the splendid Kyoto Arc when there’s still the manga’s sublime “Jinchu” Arc waiting for adaptation has been well chronicled – it’s like someone offered the Louvre a previously unknown Da Vinci portrait and they said “No thanks – we’re hiring a local guy to update The Mona Lisa”.  But it’s animated RK, so I’ll be looking on with great trepidation and curiosity.  There’s also a .hack film coming on 1/21, Berserk: Golden Age Part I on 2/4, and for those of you interested, the K-ON film from KyoAni comes this week.



  1. A

    I'd say this Winter season is going to be amazing. I was disappointed this Fall season to be honest with a bunch of shows not living to my hype.

    But otherwise next season has the second season of Milky Holmes, so I'm already writing that as a winner.

    And -gasp- you haven't watched/or liked the first three seasons of Zero no Tsukaima? I'm a little surprised.

  2. F

    You are honestly surprised that Enzo doesn't care about ZnT? Seriously? I barely manage to care about ZnT (though I will watch it, because by god I watched the first three!), and I love trash like that.

    Anyway, the only show that matters next season is Nisemonogatari. I should be hyped for BRS, but I have few hopes, but maybe it will surprise. But its not looking good.

    Past those, I try not to let myself get hyped for anything I don't already have some experience with, but Another is definitely something of interest.

  3. I watched the first season of ZnT, Anon, and mildly liked it. I made it about halfway through the second season before I finally decided I'd had enough. So sorry, ZnT is solidly off my radar screen.

  4. H

    Nothing here really peaks my interest. I've gotta say though I quite look forward to Nisemonogatari and was thoroughly dissapointed to hear you say the writing rubs you the wrong way =P

    I might watch Aquarion just to see what happens 12,000 yrs later. Oh man that song is nostalgic.

    You're commentary on Natsume on RC _ALMOST_ got me to really love natsume but in the end it just lacked that 'something' for me. I might just try once more considering I've already seen 3 seasons.

  5. Z

    I am looking forward to High School DxD as the books and manga are quite funny.

  6. M

    To be honest, I'm not terribly psyched about the new winter season. Another looks promising although I'm not exactly the biggest horror genre fan. I'm hoping Ano Natsu de Matteru can become something special, though.

    I'm with you on ZnT. I only watched the first season, thought it was just ok and didn't bother with more.

    Is it necessary to have any prior Black Rock Shooter konwledge before watching the new series? I'm guessing the answer is yes but just to be safe.

    I've just watched the preview for Daily Lives of High School Boys and it looks hilarious so that's certainly one I'm looking forward to. Plus, I'm very excited about the new Steins;Gate episode.

    So all in all I think there will have to be a couple of surprises for me to like this season as much as the current one.

  7. E

    Daily Lives of High School Boys,Daily Lives of High School Boys,Daily Lives of High School Boys,Daily Lives of High School Boys …

    I can't even say it enough. There is not a show in the Winter lineup that I'm looking forward to more! The PV's are HILARIOUS, but let's face it they had me at Tomokazu Sugita. Any fans of Gintama I'd urge to at least give Daily Lives a shot!

    Other than that tho, things are looking pretty (strike:lame) thin. I'm happy to hear about the S;G, Usagi Drop & Ikoku Meiro OVAs, and definitely looking fwd to the 2nd cours of the few Fall winners I'm still watching … annnnd that's about it.

    Man looks like no season line up is gonna be as solid as Summer 2011 huh. Welp, here's to next year.

  8. j

    Nisemonogatari (apparently not in your post, Enzo, why?!) is definitely my most anticipated one given the novel… though I wonder if they would go as far as the phoenix story… and toothbrush play FTW!!!!!

    AQevol should be awesome not only by its cast, but also interesting in the sense of what the show can pull off, not to say the mechas, the mechas, and the mechas. The original was awesome in the mecha department, but the story was meh…

    most other shows listed here all seems to have interesting point, so I will see them and decide which one to follow 🙂

    Again, thank you so much for your research and time devoted to a preview, Enzo, always appreciated them 🙂

  9. A

    i hope there is more than one OVA for Major because there is a lot of thing happen in World series arc

  10. @HrmmmmSorry, I know people love Nisio's stuff, it's just not my thing. But if the first ep wows me, who knows…
    Give NY another chance, you never know!
    @murkel I get the sense you could probably just watch BRS and it'd be fine.

    @jrj – You're welcome!

    @Anon – I believe it's just one Major OVA – I don't know the length though. Hope I'm wrong.

  11. S

    Isin Nisio does have a certain "artistic touch" to his writing but I would say his work is still easier to follow than Ikuhara's. Can't say I was a very big fan of Shinbo Shaft's Bakemonogatari but White Fox's adaptation of Katanagatari was really fun to watch. Another, Danshi Kokosei no Nichijo, Amagami SS+, Aquarion EVOL, Recorder to Randoseru, Mouretsu Pirates have caught my eyes so far. Thanks for the speedy season preview 🙂

  12. A

    So Enzo, when you're saying you are not getting along with Nisio's writing, have you read the actual novels or are you judging him as a writer by the anime adaptions? Because while the style can be pretty hard to get into either way, I thought the anime did not convey his style very well (good books to pick up that are even released in English by him are Zaregoto 1-2. And there is no way SHAFT can adapt it even properly by the style their going with atm, even though it's damn close to Bakemonogatari in some passages)

    Anyway, thanks for the season preview, one of the first ones to pop up in my blogging forest. Will check out Another and Nisemono.

  13. I haven't read the novels Aura, I freely admit it. And I agree with Seishun, Katanagatari was better than Bakemono.

    Don't lose sight up Ano Natsu, Guys – just posted a short PV. This one looks interesting, and the staff list is like an anime Hall-of-Fame ballot.

  14. L

    Ano Hana… Ano Natsu…

    Even if it's a romantic comedy, I'll still watch it for the similarities with Anohana.

    And don't hype Another too much, guys. It might turn out like Guilty Crown (or Blood-C, even!).

  15. l

    Area no Kishi is solid. Character-based at first, and IT'S REALLY SAD. It reminded me of Cross Game at the start.

  16. Sounds even better, leo, though that might be a bit close to a manga spoiler…

  17. M

    Should be a good season. I haven't exactly figured out what I'm watching yet, but I'll be using this as a reference once the new season starts.

    As far as movies are concerned, I'm hyped for the Berserk movie by Studio 4C.

  18. @Mormegil
    Thanks for reminding me about the Berserk Film – forgot to include it. The PV's don't look that great, but you can't assume anything from that.

  19. J

    you forgot freakin Lupin III…!!!

    I know they changed the voice actors up a bit and the drawing looks different…but still! I never pass up any lupin III haha

  20. A

    anime space pirates hmm unless this is female captain yea any guess she might expy anime version or bit doing of captain marvelous?

    cause i've been feel vibes she could be shout-out expy another take of captain marvelous?

    yea who knows gives we got gokaiger right now?

  21. Sorry James, Lupin has been off my radar for so long I totally spaced on that. Hasn't it already aired, anyway?

  22. T

    Have you seen the original Berserk, or read the manga?

    I saw the anime and despite how dated the animation is the story is really, really good.

    Also, I just can't seem to catch up on Natsume Yuujinchou. I'm halfway or so through the second season, and I love it to death, but I just can't get myself to watch more than one episode every now and then. Gah. Not that I should complain about them making more of it…

  23. I saw the original a looooooooooooooong time ago, but never read the manga. When this one finds its way to our screens, I'll certainly check it out.

  24. J


    I don't know how much you check your comments but I was trying to find a way to email you but couldn't so I wrote here. I hope you can reply…

    I just touched down in America and so am quite lost as to where to get anime related stuff like DVDs, episodes and such legally. I was wondering if you knew? Are there sites that I can legally purchase anime from? All I know is crunchyroll… Do you know of any other sites or places maybe? I was at Best Buy earlier and the collection of anime they have is limited..


  25. Hey, Jules. My email address is in the profile on the sidebar.

    Where do you live? I know places in SF and LA, but nowhere else off the top of my head. There are plenty of web-based sources to buy DVD and the like, so that shouldn't be a problem.

    As for simulcasts, the big three right now are Funimation, Chrunchyroll and Niconico. Niconico and Funimation have merged but both have distinct online streaming sites, for now.

    Feel free to email me if you want more details.

  26. J

    @Guardian Enzo

    it has! but for people like me who have very little to no understanding of Japanese, it's not "out" until the subs are out haha

  27. J

    Oh! I didn't see that! I shall email you then! 🙂 Thanks!

  28. T

    This Winter season actually looks rather disappointing to me. For some reason, I can only point out 3-4 shows that interest me.

    Then again, there can be surprise hits like Chihayafuru and Bento were for me in the Fall.

    I've been saying that Anime has been going uphill in the past year or so, and I'd like to hope the trend continues.

  29. That's about how I see it – it looks like a so-so season, but my view going in often proves to be incorrect.

  30. m

    Having just finished marathoning Macross Frontier (both TV and movies) I'm certainly looking forward to Aquarion. Also, one glance of Ittoki staring at me from the AQ homepage made me realise that the person who did Uta-pri and game Togainu was behind the male characters. What surprised me was that they got someone from Oreimo to do the female characters. Is Un-go's double character designer (with one being a otome-game designer)starting a new trend?

    ah Natsume shi…that sounds so unlucky lol

  31. Z

    I realise that my post was too short to actually provide much. I have both hopes and fears for High School DxD. It's a very interesting story and the novels are being rapidly fan translated right now. But the genres might end up sinking it due to only focusing on the fan service. It's obviously fairly different to have full nudity in a book compared with an anime. But at least the setting is a bit of a different take of the ordinary and it should provide more then a few laughs.

  32. -

    Another = my most anticipated show as well 😀

    just saw the PV yesterday && the BG looks really amazing!!

  33. e

    enzo here the confirmed voice actor cast of ano natsu de matteru tell me if you know some of the shows they come form i write here:

    Haruka Tomatsu (Yuina Wakura of Hansaku Iroha) as Ichika Takatsuki
    Nobunaga Shimazaki (Sonken Gundam of SD Gundam: Brave Battle Warriors) as Kaito Kirishima
    Hideki Ogihara (Tomohiro Fujisawa of Lovely Idols) as Tetsurou Ishigaki
    Kana Asumi (Miya Tachibana of Amagami SS) as Mio Kitahara
    Kaori Ishihara (Suzuna Ayuzawa of Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) as Kanna Tanigawa
    Rina Hidaka (Last Order of Toaru Majutsu no Index) as Rinon
    Yukari Tamura (Nanoha Takamachi of Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha) as Remon Yamano

  34. d

    i've read area no kishi so i think i will watch the anime.

  35. d

    It is not really about two brothers.

  36. K

    I like ZnT. The best season was the 1st one. I think part of the weakness of the series as each season evolves is they put too much effort into fan service and boob jokes and not enough into storytelling.

    Maybe this 4th season they will bring it back to the quality and fun the 1st season had.

  37. d

    Well it seems sad that besides C3 i would miss all the last ep of this season and the 1st ep of next season. cause i would be going to osaka. sigh. if only i had speedy internet overseas

  38. Plenty of wifi in Osaka if you know where to look!

  39. d

    when would the rest of the preview info come out? i am currently only interested in ZnT, area no kishi (read a bit before, but feel that sports needs to be watched), baby kill (read a lot before)
    and i do not know how to look. and why would i? i go to japan to watch anime?? lol, i know winter has less sun but i would rather walk around dotonbori than watch anime. kind of like having to choose between 2 girls. not that i don't like one of them but only one is possible.

  40. Sorry DV, I'm done with my PV apart from adding preview videos. I don't plan to cover ZnT or Baby Please Kill Me as of now.

    Moetron has the season wikis on their site, and MOON PHASE is a Japanese site that has very detailed schedule info for all series. Both good resources.

  41. M

    @Guardian Enzo

    There will actually be two Major OVAs — the second one comes out January 18th. Here's the news item:

    No word on how long they are, alas!

  42. Thanks for the update!

  43. A

    I enjoy your post and Im not your teacher Enzo *cough* if you are going to watch the 1st episode of Nisemonogatari even though you might not blog it you are going to watch it. 1 word(not really)Contradiction.

  44. T

    I can see why you wouldn't like Nisemonogatari–it's rather self-indulgent, and a bit too clever for its own good if you know what I mean. I love it to death, but I won't defend it to the death. Well, at least, not for those reasons.

    Also am I the only one who read the description of the Pirates show up above and got reminded of this season's Last Exile? *ducks to avoid flames*

  45. Yes, that pretty much sums up my problem with Isin Nisio. Too clever by half, which is also the problem I had with EotE.

  46. e

    enzo the animation of ano natsu de matteru like this becouse it from the same studio who created please twins and please teacher

  47. @elior
    It's definitely most of the same creative team, but I don't think JC Staff was involved in Onegai Twins/Teacher unless I'm mis-remembering.

  48. f

    I know I'll watch Nise, Inu x Boku, and Ano Natsu. Obvious reasons for Nise, but for InuBoku, the trailers music and ambiance of the chars felt like it'd be an enjoyable watch(thinking the male char will come off similar to MM!'s Sadou). Ano Natsu gave off some AnoHana vibes(even though I should be expecting it to be like Please Teacher/Twins), so hoping that Ano Natsu can partially live up to that series. I may watch Aquarion, and Another, depending how the first eps grabs me, and maybe Kill Me Baby for cheap kicks.

  49. P

    For whatever reason, I think Ano Natsu is going to be the anime of the winter 2012 season. Despite being JC Staff, Negai as director is definitely a great safety net considering he directed two of the very best slice of life shows in Toradora and Anohana. Apparently he did the 2nd season of Honey and Clover too, whilst Kenichi Kasai (another high profile slice of life director) did the 1st season. Honey and Clover is my favourite slice of life/drama TV series of all time). I'm hoping here that JC Staff actually delivers for like the old days when they use to do a ton of shows on the noitamina timeslot…

    The other one I'm looking out for is P A Work's "Another". Unfortunately, I'm merely cautiously optimistic for this one as anime tends to be have a pretty poor track record when it comes to horror/mystery, though they have been a few gems in the past like Shiki and Un-go, the latter of which was just last season.

    I'll watch Nisemonogatari out of obligation since it's obviously the most hyped show of the season, but the latest PV just screams loli/pedo fanservice…

    Other shows I'll be watching includes BRS and Aquarion EVOL for obligatory Mari Okada funnies (not expecting anything from these two… except emasculation and cross-dressing :p), Natusme 4th season, Rinne no Lagrane and Area no Kishi.

    And anything else, people recommend as the season progresses.

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