Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – 9.5

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It’s the “We Spent Too Much on All Those CGI Battle Scenes and the Creditors Are Still Out There” episode of “Fam” this week, so I’m not going to bore you with a long post.  The only new footage is of Gisey writing a letter to her Dad – which Millia eventually joins her in doing – a brief visit by Fam, and a check-in with Atamora that indicates he’s coming to visit the “Unruly Girls”.  Given Gonzo’s financial history and what they spend on all those CGI air battles, I don’t begrudge them a recap ep, but that doesn’t make it any more interesting.  Still, even here they have to grind it in that Gisey was completely wrong for making Fam feel bad, and it’s all her fault.  Not the way I see it…



  1. S

    This is what happens when you're too nice and people take advantage of your kindness… It's a cruel cruel world in the Last Exile universe

  2. E

    Ugh … was JUST about to get over the epic shafting of poor Gisey too, then they had to throw this in my face. I literally cringed in disgust watching the "Let's make Fam smile again!" part … I'm really disliking her more and more w/each episode and the recap just served to highlight that. TEAM GISEY!

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