Jormungand Anime Announced (PV Added)

Today brings the interesting bit of news that Takahashi Keitaro’s manga Jormungand is getting an anime adaptation.  I don’t want to say this one is dark, but parts of it make Deadman Wonderland look like Tamayura.  I would imagine this is going to be toned down some, but the good news is that White Fox (Steins;Gate) is handling the adaptation.  While the manga – a story of a child soldier and the arms dealer who ends up as his protector – loses focus and drifts sometimes, it’s quite scary and surprisingly funny and even moving at its best.  If nothing else, it’s not terribly commercial – which is reason enough to take this adaptation as good news.

Update: Here’s the first PV from White Fox.



  1. L

    …Dark and made by White Fox. This IS pretty interesting.

  2. It's not totally impossible that this could end up as one of the Spring NoitaminA shows, assuming they haven't completely punted on offering unusual choices.

  3. b

    My only complain would be that the manga is still ongoing, at least that's what it says on MAL, so the story might get affected.
    Other than that, I'm interested in this.

    I feel that people give too much praise to White Fox. Sure they did S;G, Katanagatari and the forgotten Tears to Tiara but it just feels unnatural to me to receive too much. Oh well.

  4. The manga is finishing with the next volume. It'd be tight, but you might just be able to do a serviceable retelling in two cours. A lot would have to be cut, but it could be done.

    Why is it unnatural for a studio to be praised for doing good series? I'm not actually a huge Katanagatari fan, but that's more due to the source material than the adaptation.

  5. M

    Looks interesting.

    If, as you say, this ends up being a spring show then it's shaping up to become one of my most anticipated seasons ever. So far, Tasogore x Amnesia and Sankarea adaptations, Fate/Zero 2nd season, and this? Can hardly wait.

  6. M

    Forgot the new Eureka 7 as well, that's one to look forward to.

  7. Yeah, Spring is looking potentially pretty epic…

  8. A

    My only worry is that the director is the same guy who did that train wreck known as School Days…

  9. Mine too, but his other stuff is pretty solid. Hopefully that was the source material's fault – technically, the series was actually pretty slick.

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