Daily Lives of High School Boys – PV 1-3

[sage]_Daily_Lives_of_High_School_Boys_PV1_[E5DEE26C].mkv_snapshot_01.00_[2011.11.30_23.15.17] [sage]_Daily_Lives_of_High_School_Boys_PV2_[83CE8CD1].mkv_snapshot_03.58_[2011.11.30_23.30.37] [TastyMelon] Daily Lives of High School Boys - After School [Preair][70B9FE3C].mkv_snapshot_04.23_[2011.11.30_23.22.51]

Directed by Takamatsu Shinji (School Rumble, Ginatama)?  Check.  Miyu Irino, Sugita Tomokazu and a star-studded supporting cast?  Check.  Killer OP?  Check.  I was always looking forward to Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijō, but watching the three PVs – really mini-episodes – has me sky-high for this one.  If you go by the OP lyrics (is that Milktub?) it’s as if Sunrise had tapped directly into my brain and downloaded all of the bitching I’ve done about the endlessly repetitive “girls in school” series inflicted on the world these last few years.  My hope is that this show will be everything I hoped Kimi to Boku (which I’ve come to like just a bit, actually) would be, but isn’t – an authentic and funny series about high school guys that doesn’t play like a pale imitation of all those girls shows, except with dudes.  They have the right director, somebody who gets teenaged males, and all three PVs were very funny.  I don’t know Yamauchi Yasunobu’s 4-koma manga, but if the rest of the chapters are as good as these three, this one could be one of the funniest series of 2012.



  1. S

    Soooooooo funny!!! I'm definitely watching this. Thanks for highlighting this series Enzo.
    That ED was superb as well, mocking all the girly slice-of-life that we've been seeing too often.

  2. S

    There's a fourth PV and it's my favorite by far. Getting caught in the act of major geekiness? That has happened far too often lol

  3. U

    "There's a fourth PV and it's my favorite by far"

    Second this. The fourth one was awesome.

    I actually wasn't planning to watch this. After reading this review, i decided to give it a chance. And wow, i'm glad i did!

    Brilliant anime. I identified myself so much with Hidenori in the first PV.

  4. Fourth preview was indeed ROFL quality. I'm almost worried they're using up too many good chapters before the series has even started.

  5. M

    I know I'm late but this series is pure genius.

    I've only been able to find three previews, though. Where did you guys watch them?

  6. You can find lots – some would say a torrent – them in the usual Nyaaish places, or even on Youtube I suspect.

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