1. A

    Darn it, when are they going to continuously air it ~.~
    I hated waiting through spring and summer for the second season Q.Q

  2. t

    My favorite arc will get animated,sweet!
    That' pretty much all I can say without being spoilerish,I'd just add that I think that once you've seen S3 you definatly should reread your posts about S2


    If they continuously air it that would mean having fillers like naruto and bleach,are you sure you'd want that?

  3. a

    I was mixed at best on season 1, but season 2 has pretty much fixed all the weakest parts of season 1, IMO. Hopefully they can keep the current quality up. It still isn't my favorite show, but it is an interesting subject.

  4. Z

    It would still take a couple of years to catch up, even if it went continuous and it's actually falling more behind at this rate. Bakuman also have an almost unlimited source of filler material as they can animate all the series made inside Bakuman to fill things up.

  5. D

    S3 will last season for bakuman….
    the manga has end

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