1. A

    Otter 11, for evea!


    Nakai can go and die in a trash can for all I care, but seeing Hideout Door getting an adaption might be interesting, so


  2. M

    Ugh, tough choice. I voted for Otter 11 because it's probably the most… unique of the bunch and the closest to seinen grounds. The (RL) manga one-shot they did out of it wasn't all that interesting though.

    Hideout Door could potentially become visually stunning but it's a bit too childish and shoujo for my taste.

    Crow would probably become the standard shounen and we've got a fair share of those, not to mention detective series like Trap (especially lately). However, Trap could be interesting since it doesn't have a loli genius.

    I've never been into anime/manga about delinquents so Kiyoshi Knight is likely not my cup of tea.

  3. M

    Definitely, Otters 11 ALL THE WAY!

    Bonus points to Jump if they find a mangaka like Hiramaru to make it. Wait, did I subtly say something about Jump adapting a manga? Ooh…

  4. L

    I almost thought you buy WSJ and could read Japanese… Then I saw the linked page was in English. xD

    And I voted Hideout Door, not because I like it, but because all the other sound so generic, except for Otter 11. But we already have enough ridiculous series (I'm looking at you, Bobobo), so I'm all for Door.

  5. Woot!
    I wish I could read the manga in the original WSJ. My written Japanese is worse than mediocre.

  6. t

    Hmmm,so few choices,why did they have to keep it to the early chapters only 🙁

    Because the ones I want to really see aren't on the list.And I'm not sure if it's all right for me to mention them.

    Oh well,I had to choose then I'd go with otter 11,the oneshot was nice enough.
    And of course if it gets an anime shaft would be my chosen studio.

  7. I'll be shocked if Otters or maybe Detective Trap doesn't win.

  8. F

    Yeah I'd say Hideout Door looked pretty interesting. Though on the other side seeing the OP for Crow in Bakuman made me want to vote that way.

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