Mashiro-Iro Symphony – 07

[Zenyaku-ACIFT] Mashiro-Iro Symphony - 07 [720p h264 AAC] [294082F0].mkv_snapshot_03.07_[2011.11.16_17.15.36] [Zenyaku-ACIFT] Mashiro-Iro Symphony - 07 [720p h264 AAC] [294082F0].mkv_snapshot_03.48_[2011.11.16_17.16.16] [Zenyaku-ACIFT] Mashiro-Iro Symphony - 07 [720p h264 AAC] [294082F0].mkv_snapshot_04.59_[2011.11.16_17.17.28]

Some might call it a weakness, for for me one of the strengths of Mashiroiro Symphony is that even when it’s trying to be a little mean, it can’t help but be nice.

I won’t dispute that the series has suffered a bit from the recent focus on Sana and Angie, who are probably the two weakest cast members.  Angie’s whole presentation is a little bit absurd, and Sana comes the closest to being a stock anime cliché.  But it’s a testament to the show’s quality that even here, it stands out and doesn’t lose its charm.  Every time I think things are going down the rabbit hole of tsundere nonsense with Sana, she – and the show – redeem themselves by being just different enough.  I’m not in love with her character, but she’s a cut above most of her ilk.

Things started out looking like this might be a little bit of a Miu arc, which is my fondest hope.  I know it’s unrealistic, and that Airi has this battle won, but Miu has completely wormed her way into my heart.  She projects a grace and sincerity that may be more ideal than real, but is no less irresistible to me for that.  As an animal lover (especially cats) I was pretty much a sucker for the whole notion of a girl who’d start a nuko club anyway, but she takes it to the next level.  Still, even Miu seemed primarily interested in shipping Shingo with Sana.  That’s odd in that Sana seems to be resolutely anti-male and warm for Miu’s form, but Miu sees an opportunity to steer her friend past her unreasonable hatred of boys.  And seriously, if she can’t warm up to Shingo it’s pretty hopeless – he’s dangerously close to too perfect, but he does make a nice contrast from most anime males in that he’s completely kind and considerate, but not neutered – he has a libido like any guy, it’s just not out of control.

The irony is that while Airi and Sakuno – whose feelings I chalk up to normal sibling affection rather than brocon tendencies – grow depressed over the appearance that Shingo is becoming sweet on Sana, Sana herself is depressed by the impression that he’s actually sweet on Miu.  Her façade is already full of cracks, and she’s having a harder and harder time keeping up the charade that she’s a blanket misandrist.  But there seems no hard evidence that either Miu or Shingo have those sorts of feelings for each other.  Am I the only one hoping against hope that they’ll get together?  For now I’ll have to content myself with lovely scenes of Miu releasing her rehabilitated charges back into the wild, with Shingo fraternally by her side – and take minuscule hope from the last scene of the episode.

Mashiroiro Symphony is fast becoming one of my favorite romance VN adaptations, and it’s doing so without any flash whatsoever.  I’d have a hard time selling someone on why they should watch this series, but for me it’s completely charming and likeable because it’s completely kind-hearted and lacking in exploitative humor at the expense of its characters.   Too much niceness is normally anathema for me – it’s one of the reasons I can’t move beyond mild affection for Tamayura – but with this show it somehow works.  Things are not perfect here, there are real problems and the characters feel real sadness and angst.  But there’s no sense of judgment in the writing, and it always feel as if the cast is being used to tell a real story and not just to generate hackneyed situation comedy.  And I admit, even Pannya is wearing me down with cuteness.

[Zenyaku-ACIFT] Mashiro-Iro Symphony - 07 [720p h264 AAC] [294082F0].mkv_snapshot_13.23_[2011.11.16_17.25.51] [Zenyaku-ACIFT] Mashiro-Iro Symphony - 07 [720p h264 AAC] [294082F0].mkv_snapshot_14.33_[2011.11.16_17.27.11] [Zenyaku-ACIFT] Mashiro-Iro Symphony - 07 [720p h264 AAC] [294082F0].mkv_snapshot_15.57_[2011.11.16_17.28.35]
[Zenyaku-ACIFT] Mashiro-Iro Symphony - 07 [720p h264 AAC] [294082F0].mkv_snapshot_17.39_[2011.11.16_17.30.16] [Zenyaku-ACIFT] Mashiro-Iro Symphony - 07 [720p h264 AAC] [294082F0].mkv_snapshot_17.58_[2011.11.16_17.30.36] [Zenyaku-ACIFT] Mashiro-Iro Symphony - 07 [720p h264 AAC] [294082F0].mkv_snapshot_19.52_[2011.11.16_17.32.30]
[Zenyaku-ACIFT] Mashiro-Iro Symphony - 07 [720p h264 AAC] [294082F0].mkv_snapshot_20.49_[2011.11.16_17.33.27] [Zenyaku-ACIFT] Mashiro-Iro Symphony - 07 [720p h264 AAC] [294082F0].mkv_snapshot_21.37_[2011.11.16_17.34.15] [Zenyaku-ACIFT] Mashiro-Iro Symphony - 07 [720p h264 AAC] [294082F0].mkv_snapshot_21.48_[2011.11.16_17.34.26]


  1. Z

    I think Sana agrees with you about Miu and Shingo, it really looked like she was itching to argue with him on that point and her hostility is mostly based on her fear of him stealing Miu from her. I kind of disagree though as they are too alike. I think Sena or Sana compliments him more and Sena is obviously crushing hard on him.

    Shingo does have a weakness, he even said it himself. He is sensitive to discord and thus try and fix it whenever it shows up. This obviously makes him good at keeping order in the harem, but it also keeps him too busy to actually pursue whomever he himself may favour. It makes it difficult even for us viewers to figure out who that may be and even more so for the girls.

  2. A

    Miu all the way~~~ But there's close to 0% of that happening… Darn…. If all fails, Shingo can just go for Pannya. :3

  3. A

    a cat is fine too

  4. e

    i think there is a chance for miu to win since she was so fowerd in this episode and how shingo react at the end of the episode with the blushing was diffrent when he was with airi so i think shingo will end up with miu or airi i sure it one of them anyway next episode i think it will be about miu arc since the episode title is kitten clored black and white which i think they mean to penya anyway it or airi or miu what do you think Anonymous ?

  5. A

    @eliorActually, the next ep's title refers to Miu and her outfit in her part-time job.

  6. e

    @Anonymous and what do you think will shingo end with airi or miu since he was react diffrent to her the the outher girls also when miu fall asleep on his shoulder he was blush and act diffrent from how he doing with airi so what do you think sena or miu?

  7. e

    @Anonymous i mean airi or miu which one do you think he will end up with?

  8. e

    enzo dont you think this anime looks a little diffrent from outher animes that was until now by the art and the sound during the episode also the nice atmosphere?

  9. b

    And I thought Sena already had this. The others are putting up a good fight.
    Sena all the way for me though. Fight-o! 😀

    Pannya has some really cute moments here.
    A cat is fine too lol.

  10. The look of the anime is subtly unusual, yeah, just like the rest of it. And a cat is fine, too…

  11. e

    enzo the harem in this show is diffrent from what you seen in outer harem animes and if yes why?i mean for example for me there is not many clitches moments

  12. Just read through my blog posts – I think I've noted ways this show differs from most of its type pretty much every week…

  13. e

    enzo who do you think shingo will end up in the last episode airi or miu becouse how miu was act in this episode by fall asleep on his shoulder and how he blushed there is a chance for her too dont you think?

  14. Airi is a lock, IMO. Though I'd choose Miu if it were me.

  15. A

    Thanks for posting a show that Randomc doesn't. Keep it up! It's nice that at least some blogs post the obscure, less popular anime. I love Airi!!

  16. YW! It seems as if fan interest in this series is really picking up.

  17. e

    enzo it seems airi is not a lock for shingo anymore by episode 8 this week looks like the target moved to miu

  18. F

    Poor Sana, the love of her life is straight and clueless.


    Its an Airi end. This was set in stone from day 1. I'd bet you a hundred bucks on it.

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