Lost in America: Dynamic

Google is now offering “dynamic” templates for blogger. These are new blog templates based on all the latest toys – ajax, html5, etc. I’m not ready to switch over because it’s beta and functionality is still very limited – no sidebar widgets, etc. But if you want to check it out, click here to see what it’s like. I’m also adding a link in the sidebar to switch to dynamic if you prefer that look. Please feel free to leave comments about the whole venture and let me know what you think.



  1. D

    The Dynamic version lags a bit, and I'm on an updated desktop (though, that never turns off).

    I'd much prefer how it is now, or maybe after they fully release it and tweak how it works.

  2. F

    The Dynamic version is far too clever for its own good.

  3. J

    Yeah, most templates lag and lacks those precious widgets. Only Classic (which I think will take ages to load on a slow connection) and Sidebar work well. But it looks kinda cool.

  4. And even those two don't have functioning sidebars. Someday, maybe, but I don't see switching yet.

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