Doctor Who Film Confirmed

As predicted in this space, a big-screen adaptation of Doctor Who has been confirmed.

Interestingly, it sounds as if Matt Smith will not play The Doctor and Steven Moffatt won’t be writing, so it doesn’t explain the odd gap in next year’s “Who” schedule. Fans will remember that their were two big-screen efforts in the 60’s, starring Peter Cushing, and a Fox TV film in the 90’s starring Paul McGann. None were overly successful creatively, but this movie will continue the trend of film “Who” being non-canon and somewhat autonomous from the TV version.

The film is going to be directed by David Yates, best-known for helming several “Harry Potter” films.

Let the guessing games begin – who will play The Doctor? His assistants? My hope is that Yates goes with a slightly older actor, someone along the lines of the long-rumored Bill Nighy (though he may be a little too long in the tooth now). Anthony Steward Head is another name that pops up every time a regeneration happens, and I think he’d be fantastic. And please, Mr. Yates – no Americans! The Doctor needs to be a Brit.



  1. A

    Giles as the Doctor, my head would explode.

  2. In a good way…

  3. K

    Supposedly the Who gap was because Moffat was working on the BBC's Sherlock Holmes series (which by the way is fantastic) and could not helm both at the same time.

  4. K

    I have no idea what I feel about this. Part of me thinks Doctor Who works better as a series with all the long running mythology.

    And it will be weird seeing someone else as the Doctor when there is already a Doctor.

    I guess I will still go see it (well as long as the reviews are good). Although I will have no one to go with me since I don't know any Whovians off the Internet. I might have to work on converting some of my friends. 😉

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