Tamayura Hitotose – 02

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Tamayura is as gentle and pleasant as a morning breeze, and I do find the TV more engaging than the OVAs.  But I confess, the whole affair is still a bit boring for me.

Whether it was the presence of Yasuda Kenji as director or something inherent to the source material, I found the sublime Ikoku Meiro no Croisee to be far more engaging than Junichi Sato’s other works because for all the warmth and Yune’s cuteness, there was an edge to the story. All of the relationships had a little sadness and the potential for conflict.  While there’s a lovely bittersweet element in the story of Fu-chan’s Dad, all of the characters here are so good and kind and caring.  I have this issue with Aria too, to some extent.

I have nothing against feel-good stories that meander through trivial daily life – I’m just not sure I can find enough interest to write about this one weekly.  The upside here is probably Sketch Book (written by Okada Mari and supervised by Junichi) – a series where everyone was nice and not much happened, but I was still solidly entertained.  Why?  Because in addition to the bonhomie, it was also funny – sometimes very much so, especially when Kate was around.  I’ll keep this one in the viewing rotation, but probably hold off blogging for now.



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    Sadly Okada-sensei isn't around to put in some of her great inner monolgues like she did in sketchbook (almost all of Sora's inner musings are anime original),could really use them here.

    Still I'm enjoying this more than kimi to boku and will keep watching this while I drop the other.

    And man the picture Potte took at night on the street will turn out……..interesting,I mean no flash or tripod and she was trembling,but I don't think that's a case of "didn't do the research" but a joke.
    Later in the house while there's almost lighting potte puts the camera down on some staple support before she takes the picture,that's a sign of a girl that knows what she's doing.

    Also,speaking of Okada,I havn't seen you in the AnoHana animesuki thread reacting to her recent interview so I was wondering if you'd seen it.

  2. No, hadn't seen that interview but I'll check it out. Is that the thing regarding how AnoHana was originally going to be a slapstick sex comedy?

  3. t

    yeah that one lol,Okada seemed disapointed.

    Though it shows NoitaminA producers won't accept anything on their slot.

  4. I replied over on the AnoHana topic. It is pretty funny.

  5. P

    It's a shame, but after watching more episodes of Tamayura, I'd attribute the fact that you don't like it to it being a different genre to Ikkoku. The later is much more nuanced towards being a character exploration study, while Tamayura is much more about setting a mood and conveying an idea rather than exploring the character themselves.

    Which doesn't make one better than the other, though personally I vastly prefer Tamayura's (and ARIA's) approach. Nothing wrong with giving the spotlight to the characters, but there are some things that you can no longer convey, you can no longer appreciate the background, for it dims when your characters start to shine.

  6. P

    That said, knowing a little more about your interests, if you last till the 3rd season of ARIA I think you'll find one of your favorite series in there. :p

  7. It's true I never made it that far, Proto. Just wasn't interested enough. When I (HA!) have some free time, maybe I'll give it a watch.

    Personally, I think Ikoku Meiro works as a great mood piece. Paris in the 1890's is like a character in its own right, and it's rendered lovingly by Satelight. If Paris doesn't set a mood, I don't know what does.

  8. P

    Yeah, but that was never the main focus for the production team behind it. Not even remotely on the same level as Neo Venetia on ARIA at least. 🙂 I understand that it's a give and take though. You can't really have everything, and you sacrifice some things for others.

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