New HanaIro “Visual Work” Confirmed

To say that I have mixed feelings about this is an understatement.

HanaIro was very good at its best, but that wasn’t very often. Frankly, it should have been one cour to begin with – I worry that extending this to a second season could be a disaster, but BD/DVD sales are everything in anime these days.. Let’s hope it’s a short OVA or movie.



  1. A

    On the plus side, more of Ando's directing + decent PA budget + Mel Kishida designs (even if they are more glossy than usual, but at least it's PA works as opposed to JC Staff watered down versions)

    On the down side … Ugh, I'm not sure I could stomach any more of Okada's haphazard writing right now, even If I did like the show.

    In any case, I hope it's a movie.

    ''a second season could be a disaster''

    If Okada is back on, make that a given …

  2. a

    I can't think of any way they could extend it. I'm guessing its a live action film remake.

  3. A live-action, really? Interesting notion, as the announcement didn't say "animated" – but PA Works wouldn't make an announcement about a live-action, I don't think.

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