Mashiro-Iro Symphony – 03

[Zenyaku-SC] Mashiro-Iro Symphony - 03 [720p h264 AAC] [C029DBBC].mkv_snapshot_05.36_[2011.10.20_14.29.06] [Zenyaku-SC] Mashiro-Iro Symphony - 03 [720p h264 AAC] [C029DBBC].mkv_snapshot_06.54_[2011.10.20_14.30.24] [Zenyaku-SC] Mashiro-Iro Symphony - 03 [720p h264 AAC] [C029DBBC].mkv_snapshot_07.18_[2011.10.20_15.02.29]

It’s fair to say there’s nothing really remarkable about Mashiro-iro Symphony.  In fact, the most remarkable thing about it is how normal it is.

I’ve watched many adaptations of romance games and VNs over the years,  not to mention countless school-life series and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one as low-key as this one.  It’s nice, but not is an overly sweet or cloying manner – just, you know, normal.  It really stands out that there are no idiots in this cast.  A few oddballs, no doubt – does every Japanese high school come with its own maid?  But nobody is especially stupid or lacking in common sense.  Shingo is refreshingly direct and unaffected – he doesn’t get too high or too low.  He rarely raises his voice, doesn’t overreact to things, and calmly refuses to jump when Sena baits him.

Sena is the closest thing to a cliché among the main cast thus far, and there’s no question her obstinate refusal to meet Shingo halfway is a little trying.  But even she’s not especially obnoxious about it.  She’s not physically abusive, she’s moderate with even the verbal abuse, and tends to restrict herself to dignified indignation and self-doubt.  The romance flags have been obvious since the first three minutes of the series and they’re certainly cemented now, what with her comments about how it’s not the boys generally but Shingo specifically that makes her uncomfortable.  But as anime tsunderes go, I’ve sure seen far worse.  The twist about her being poor (if I read that scene correctly) should start the exploration of her deeper motivations.

For all that, she remains my least favorite among the girls at this point.  Sakuno hasn’t turned out to be quite the helpless basket case and brocon I feared – just a little helpless and a little brocon.  I quite like Miu actually, though I wonder – since her “Nuko Club” is focused on rehabilitating injured wild animals, just what does that make Pannya?  She might be my favorite, but really, they’re all fine – perfectly nice and reasonable teenagers trying to get by.  Mashiro-iro Symphony isn’t the most exciting series ever, and I could easily see where it might be just a little too normal – and slow-paced – for some tastes.  But I enjoy it just the same, because it’s so different for an anime to be normal.

[Zenyaku-SC] Mashiro-Iro Symphony - 03 [720p h264 AAC] [C029DBBC].mkv_snapshot_19.36_[2011.10.20_15.02.53] [Zenyaku-SC] Mashiro-Iro Symphony - 03 [720p h264 AAC] [C029DBBC].mkv_snapshot_19.57_[2011.10.20_14.43.27] [Zenyaku-SC] Mashiro-Iro Symphony - 03 [720p h264 AAC] [C029DBBC].mkv_snapshot_21.34_[2011.10.20_15.01.41]


  1. T

    Fine. That's it. I give up!

    I'm… I'm gonna give this one a try.

    Now look at what you've done to me. You sick, sad man.

  2. Trust me, you'll like it.

  3. b

    I don't think that Airi shopping there doesn't mean that she's poor. At least it's too simple a twist/secret. I can't think of anything else though so maybe that's it. I don't want to overthink myself here 😛

    And yeah it's enjoyable in it's own way.
    It's a breather from all the action and plot driven shows this season.
    Hope you continue to blog this.

    As for the girls, Miu > Airi > Inui > Maid > Sakuno. At least for me 😀

  4. F

    Such a pleasant show. And Airi's a binbou-hime? How delicious.

    But not nearly as much as Miu and Sana. Thank you show, thank you. I do hope they "play" together frequently.

  5. M

    I don't really know why but I like this show. You are absolutely right: this is as low-key as it gets, and maybe that's why it feels strangely refreshing.

  6. A

    This series reminds me a lot to other uneventful eroge adaptation: Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi, but I certainly found refreshing to see that the main male character is not being kicked or punched every damn second like others harem anime as Maken Ki! or last season´s Mayo Chiki. I supposed that is how they roll in the world of a eroge V.N., about Sena-san last scene I thought that she was embarrassed because she got caught buying ingredients to make some bento to Shingo or something like that…

  7. d

    I like how there is a Game feel to it. Like the guy has the choice of who he wants to go shopping with. It is like raising flags in a game. Which girl you choose to shop with or shop by oneself leading to the extra/secret girl.
    Think she was embarrassed cause she left early to shop… but she took too long thinking what to buy that she got caught. Doubt a chairman's daughter is poor unless they are living separately.

  8. I had thought originally about Hoshizora as well, as that show is also very relaxed in pacing. But that one because quite determinedly weird very quickly, which is quite a contrast to the normalcy in Mashiroiro.

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