Hunter x Hunter 2011 – 04

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Once again I’ll confess I rather enjoyed that episode, which was quite a bit different from the three that preceded it.

A few hints of the darker side of this series are starting to assert themselves, with some backstory on Kurapica and Leorio and some rather gruesome footage of carrion birds feeding on the still-warm flesh of a character who’d been talking only seconds earlier.  The first phase of the exam was pretty out there – a run of what, 100KM?  More than 80, anyway.   There aren’t a lot of professional athletes, never mind 12 year-olds who could accomplish that without training rigorously and specifically,  but I get the idea that we’re going for realism here so I’m not sweating that.  This is Shounen Jump, after all.

The other characters who started to break out this week were Killua and Hisoka, both of whom I know are destined to be important players in this series’ future.  Killua clearly makes a snarkier contrast to Gon, though I understand some of the fans are of the opinion that he’s too nice in this series as opposed to the old one.  Obviously I can’t comment on that but we haven’t had any of his backstory yet, and I’m sure it will be something meatier that simply taking the exam because it “Seemed like it would be fun”.  He and Gon are setting up the classic BFF/rival shounen bromance, and I like Gon as a character so that should prove entertaining enough.  I especially liked the scene where Leorio was about ready to give up.  Rather than give him any rah-rah speeches or encouraging smiles, Gon just stood there are stared at him.  Which, of course, was the insult to his pride that was exactly what Leorio needed.  Gon obviously has an innate sense that allows him to understand animals, and humans are animals too.

I’m enjoying Fujiwara Keiji a lot as Leorio.  Sure he’s overexposed lately, but he’s very well-suited for this sort of role – comic but earnest with a healthy dose of cynicism, and irritation at the rugrats running circles around him.  But why did he say he was “a teenager just  like you guys!” when Gon and Killua are 12?  Not that Leorio looks like a teenager anyway, but I’ll stipulate to that…  And then there’s Hisoka, who’s already killed two people in two episodes.  I’m probably fortunate in not being attached to the original series, because I’m fine with Namikawa Daisuke’s performance so far.

[HorribleSubs] Hunter X Hunter - 04 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.26_[2011.10.22_22.39.26] [HorribleSubs] Hunter X Hunter - 04 [720p].mkv_snapshot_20.16_[2011.10.22_22.40.17] [HorribleSubs] Hunter X Hunter - 04 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.25_[2011.10.22_23.02.18]


  1. K

    I read the manga (never watched the 1st series) and Killua is exactly like he was in the manga & exactly how I fell in love with his character. Gon & Killua's friendship is probably my favorite thing about Hunter X Hunter. From reading comments about changes they made in the first anime I am beginning to be glad I didn't watch it.

    I am also fine with Namikawa Daisuke as Hisoka. I think he fits the part very well; again based on my interpretation of the character.

  2. M

    Leorio doesn't say he's a teenager, he is saying his age ranges between 11-19. I think there's no equivalent of English word, that's why the subber chose teenager.

    As for Killua, as much as I like the 1999 adaptation, they totally butchered Killua's entrance. This version of Killua is much closer to the manga.

    Hisoka on the other hand still looks too evil for my liking x___x

  3. @ Mirage – You prefer the less evil psychotic pedophile magician? 😉

  4. M

    lol, I just never see him as a villain. He has always been portrayed as a wild card. He's supposed to be unpredictable, creepy, twisted, eccentric, not downright villainous "hahaha, I'm evil", which is what the current version of him looks to me. =P

  5. M

    I'm enjoying the direction this series is taking so far and well, from the sounds of it you are too. Which is awesome. XD

  6. m

    If you decide to watch the first season sometime in the future I'd be really interested in how you feel it compares to this remake. To me, the old series represents the epitome of how mature (as in dealing with adult themes like revenge and familial bonds, not just blood and sex) and nuanced a shonen can get while still remaining essentially shonen.
    On the other hand this new one is obviously aimed at a much younger audience, hence the annoying presence of the narrator and bright OP. In addition, the old anime changed plot points around a bit and added quite a bit of orignal content but personally I think Togashi's mangas suit that type of adaptation method.
    I'd still be watching this one since I haven't read the manga so would really like to see the chimera ant arc but still I much prefer the artistry of the old one to this one.

  7. l

    When I first read Phantom Troupe, I was like, WTF?

    I'm so used to read Genei Ryodan instead , lol.

  8. A

    At the same time, the old series was not without its problems. The themes that you listed will be almost surely be detailed in this version as well.

    The problem with the old series is that it's too slow. It's easy to like the pacing when you can marathon it, but keep in mind that the characters hadn't even reached the Hunter Exam for over a month's worth of episodes in the 1999 series.

    There's a sort of circus theme among many of the characters in Hunter x Hunter. Hisoka's a magician/clown, the Phantom Troupe is named in a style reminiscent of a circus troupe, and Gon's last name is pronounced "freaks." It's supposed to be a freakshow.

  9. m

    ^I guess that's a valid complaint of the old series, it would certainly seems like its going nowhere if I was watching it weekly. But marathoning it is a wonderful experience-a grand adventure in world bizarre yet somehow familiar.

  10. A

    I thought Hunter X Hunter 2011 is the continue version as I've waited for many years. The last production was more than 5 years. Hope this new production will be something interesting.

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