Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijō Anime Announced

Daily Lives of High School Boys” is going to be an anime, produced by Sunrise and premièring in January. Well, this one instantly joins Another and Natsume Yuujinchou 4 as early headliners for my Winter 2012 schedule. I don’t know the manga, but the trailer looks good. Great cast, headed by Irinu Miyu, and perhaps most of all, the director is Takamatsu Shinji. He directed School Rumble among other shows, one of the few that gets the guy perspective when it comes to school life. Might this be the show I’d hoped Kimi to Boku was going to be, but didn’t even try to be? Trailer is here:



  1. M

    I read the manga (raws) and from what I could make out from it, it's a really crazy and funny manga with a couple of weird characters. It's no Kimi to Boku that's for sure.

  2. d

    Nice preview. Interested in watching.
    thanks for the heads up, will try out the manga.

  3. A

    So I actually cheered (silently, but with raised hands) when I read the cast list. Tomokazu Sugita! It's been too long since he's been cast in a prominent role on a new anime.

  4. Yeah, it has been a while, now you mention it. He has lots of supporting roles but not many leads lately.

    Terrific cast overall for this one.

  5. A

    The first two PVs are out, so you can check them out early. ;D

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