Steins;Gate – The Movie?

From ANN:

A clip after the final episode of the current Steins;Gate television anime series announced on Wednesday morning that a film has been green-lit. Steins;Gate producer Yoshinao Doi had indicated earlier on Tuesday that viewers should keep watching their televisions after the episode’s ending animation sequence is over.

Hmmm. Stay tuned for review of the finale later today.



  1. M

    Wow. As much as I love Steins;Gate I'm not entirely sure this is a good idea.

    I doubt they would bother covering one of the alternative endings so the only thing that occurs to me is a movie featuring the events told from Suzuha's PoV (like one of the manga adaptations if I'm not mistaken). WW3/dystopia, how future!Okarin dealt with Kurisu's death and built the machine?

  2. l

    I believe it just going to be a recap. But if there were to do an alternative version it would be the best. If I could see yandere Nae, I'm all happy to watch it. 🙂

    El Psy Congroo!

  3. L

    I don't know… if all the movie will do is retell the story, it'll leave a bad mark on an otherwise refreshing series. But with time travel, any "what if" stories are easy to find and even capitalize on for the sake of pumping out alternate stories. Hell, lots of games nowadays have multiple endings, so I wouldn't be surprised if the movie showed a few from the VN.

  4. Aren't there also two sequel games?

  5. d

    @Enzo: Besides the main Steins;Gate game there are a couple of Drama CDs and a mini-game fan disc comprising of a Harem time line.
    Sequel Game 1. Fan disc Harem
    Sequel Game 2. ?? No idea

    There is Robot notes but that ain't a sequel as far as i can tell. The third of the "Fantasy" Games

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