1. l

    OOO, several Mad Scientis pose. Sonuvabitch!!

  2. d

    Enzo is my hero of the hour

  3. L

    Again, I can't get anything from the preview. I bet these are all random scenes they drew out of a hat… D:

  4. I think that's the idea, Luxorcism!

  5. d

    @luxorcism: Welcome to the world of Hana saku Iroha like previews. Wet your appetite without you understanding what you just saw.

  6. d

    didn't understand the preview as well 😛
    well i guess that's the whole point, it just makes me want to watch it already!! XD

  7. l

    Even if the preview cannot be understood, you can see a lot of Mad Scientist pose. 🙂

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