Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou – 11

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This week’s episode of Nurarihyon was a nicely balanced blend of action, humor and some surprisingly placed exposition – giving us our longest look yet at a crucial character from the past who has thus far gone largely ignored.

I really wanted to knock Kubinashi and Itaku’s heads together for being complete idiots, letting their passions get the better of them and fighting each other in the skies over Kyoto while Hagoromo-Gitsune advanced her plans below.  Fortunately, Lord Zen (Sugita Tomokazu) intervened and did just that, pretty much – literally pouring cold water on their fight as if they were a pair of snapping dogs.  We haven’t seen much of the sickly but fiery Zen since the beginning of S1, but he made quite an impression on me then.  It was a good thing he stepped in, too, because it wasn’t long after that the Nura airship was attacked by the Kyoto youkai, under the leadership of Hakuzozu (Itou Kintarou) as the cast list continues to grow ridiculously long.

Hakuzozu is an interesting character, quite a departure from Nine-tail’s other henchmen.  He refuses to attack until he knows who the enemy is, and even then until their leader introduces himself.  Well, it was easy to see that this is a guy who’ll end up turning his cloak, which he does after Rikuo uses his fear to destroy his weapon and leave him helpless.  Through Kubinashi’s eyes we see that Nura’s fear is actually not similar to Nurarihyon so much as to the Second Heir – Rikuo’s father.  Well, he’s voiced by none other than Fujiwara Keiji himself so I assume we’ll be seeing more of him – but it was certainly an interesting flashback to Rikuo’s toddlerhood.  The Second was clearly a powerful half-demon, and though rarely discussed in the anime his casting and the fact that this season opened with a flashback to his murder indicates that’s about to change.

There isn’t much focus on Nine-tails and the battle with Yura and the Keikain this week.  The second seal is destroyed, releasing yet another supersized youkai, Tsuchigumo (Kosugi Juurota) who doesn’t care about Nine-tails but seems inclined to fight whatever strong opponent he can find.  Only the final seal at Nijo Castle remains now, and it’s obvious the onmyouji don’t stand a chance without the Nura’s help.  Interestingly, for some reason hinted at in the cliffhanger daybreak doesn’t seem to be turning Rikuo human – but it also isn’t sapping the power of the Ayakashi fighting him.  So at this point the two main characters of the first season – human Rikuo and Kana – are basically non-existent in the story.  That’s an interesting turn of events, and though I knew big changes were coming I confess the series has transformed even more than I’d expected.  Mostly, it’s for the better – there’s no question this is a more taut, involving season so far.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of those familiar faces in the episodes ahead though, as I’m actually starting to miss the kiddos a little – especially Yuki-onna.

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  1. m

    Is any father voice by Fujiwara Keisuke doomed to die or is already dead by the serie's start? (on the other hand, they get to be awesome during flashbacks XD).

  2. N

    What Zen threw at Kubi and Itaku was actually a kind of poison if I remember right. Nothing calms down a hot head as the fact that you are poisoned 😛

    On Hakuzozu: I remember him being touched by Rikuo's offer, but not yet really accepting or rejecting anything at this point

    On Rikuo's father: choice of his VA makes me hopeful for Season 3 to be in plans (as he will be the main character for 3 or 4 episodes there).
    Or it could mean a bigger version of chapter 133 flashback… which IMO should have had more than 1 chapter to tell its (very touching) story

    BTW, here is NuraMago character relationship chart for thosei nterested, Anime edition
    NOTICE: Season 1 cut out some important stuff (probably due to Director thinking there won't be a Season 2) and this chart includes that info so those who don't want to see that info should not click the following link (Enzou got informed by e-mail about it so it should be spoiler-free for him):

  3. b

    Roar, Zabimaru! 😛

    One of the things I really like with NuraMago is its diverse cast. Fujiwara Keiji as Rihan is another addition to it. He really has quite a reputation in playing father roles, and those roles end up being dead after sometime(or in this case, already dead :P)

    The usual issue with the music and pacing but otherwise liking it still.
    Now everyone(?) has gathered in Kyoto. Let things really heat up starting with my favorite enemy besides H-G, Tsuchigumo.

    I can't view that picture Nayrael. Blocked.

  4. N

    Copy-pasting the link into the address bar should do it I think.
    (I have the Manga version too but it is up to date to c169 so it is spoilerful until that chapter is scanlated)

  5. momo, he's already dead so he's fulfilled his Fujiwara Keiji requirement.

    Nayarel, I'm assuming Hakuzozu is accepting. Maybe I'll be proved wrong but it seemed like a done deal to me. Complicated relationship chart!

  6. N

    BTW, cute how impressed you are with change of style between Season 1 and 2. In case we get Season 3, I am looking forward to your impressions of so called HM Arc, which is in style, atmosphere and focus completely different from the Kyoto Arc (a shame quite a few parts will no doubt get butchered by censors tough 🙁 ).

  7. I'm impressed at how total the change is. There are actually elements of S1 that I sort of miss, so it isn't a 100% positive change for me – but I'd say about 85% positive.

  8. m

    I kinda realized that he's already dead given the stabbing at the start of this season…what I want to know is if there is any fathers played by him who are alive and well (bonus if they are awesome badasses) or is his voice too awesome for any anime to contain for the entirety of its run? Antique Bakery is probably the only anime I've seen where he lives till the end of the anime…

  9. He survives Yumekui Merry as well…

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