Kamisama Dolls – 10

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More than any series this season, Kamisama Dolls has the ability to find another gear and crank up the intensity to ridiculous levels.  We saw it in episode 7, where it took the form of an emotional barrage, and again here.  This time it’s a frenetic, violent and jarring display of non-stop action that finally sheds some light on the past of our main character.

It’s hard not to take a little delight in hearing Kana Hanazawa sink her teeth into a really crazy role, and she’s found one in Mahiru.  This girl is just batshit nuts – nuts for Kyouhei-sama, and nuts in general (though I give her credit for being the only one in the cast to call out Utao for being a brocon).  I was tempted to say we’d finally found our unmitigated villain among the younger generation (the Hyuga head qualifies for being a child-abusing bastard) because Mahiru in her present form has very little to recommend her.  She’s ridiculously violent and doesn’t think twice about the collateral damage of using her kekkashi, Magatsuhi, in a big city.  Judging by Kirio’s shuddering when he thinks of her she’s no kinder back at home, either.  She’s also an arrogant snob who enjoys asserting her superiority over “lower” families from Karakami.

But then KamiDolls does what it does, takes a villain and turns them into a sympathetic figure – although barely in Mahiru’s case.  In another brilliant flashback sequence we see how Kyouhei, Aki and Mahiru were almost killed by a mysterious and horrible kekkashi that eats the minds of passers-by in place of needing a seki.  Mahiru was but a newly minted seki at the time, and when Aki and Kyouhei stumbled on her at the entrance to a mine shaft in which the creature was hiding, the three of them were nearly killed despite combining their forces against the beast.  It was only through Kyouhei’s ability to use Kukkuri’s left hand that they were saved, though Kyouhei’s mind was broken and he quit being a seki afterwards.  And Mahiru, apparently, has obsessed over him ever since.

Another fascinating element was introduced in the person of Hirashiro (Kenyuu Horiuchi), the very first Diet (National Assembly) member from Karakami Village.  He’s recruiting both Aki (who he freed from prison for the purpose) and Mahiru to his “cause”, and that’s where things get really interesting, especially given the debates over what should happen to the place both on the show and among the viewers.  This show always plays in the world of shadows where right and wrong are concerned and Hirashiro fits right in.  What should happen to the village – is the system so dangerous and corrupt that destruction (as Aki seems to propose) is the only answer?  Or, as Utao believes, can the kekkashi be used for good and most folks in the village are kind people?  We don’t know much about Hirashiro’s agenda except that he wants to get rid of the elders and “modernize” the village – which at first flush sounds pretty good to me on paper, since I think the place is cursed.  The taint of oppression and cruelty stains everyone who comes into contact with it, and no one is seemingly able to escape.  But what Hirashiro is proposing sounds like using the power of the kekkashi for profit and power in the modern world to me, and that’s just as bad.

In short, things are really quite a mess.  Peace between the Hyuga and Kuga doesn’t seem so far-fetched with Kyouhei and Koushirou potentially leading their families, but the Hyuga elder seems to have other ideas.  The beast in the mine seemed strikingly like Amaterasu, the kekkashi the Hyuga elder is hiding underneath their compound.  Kukko and Hirashiro both appear to be in over their heads, with Mahiru going crazy in the Diet member’s office and tasering Kukkuo into unconsciousness.  With her kekkashi’s odd ability to put rivals in a kind of stasis field and her obvious instability and reckless disregard for human life, she seems far more dangerous than Aki.  Utao and Kirio are still bickering like the little kids they are.  It seems to be as if Kyouhei may be the only one powerful enough to restore order to all this insanity, but right now he appears to be neither willing or able to get back into the saddle and resume his role as seki of the century.  It feels to me  as if the series can’t conclude without that happening, though – all signs point to that as the dramatic apex to come.

I continue to be impressed with this show, even more than I expected when I called it a potential sleeper.  For my money it’s probably the third-best show of the Summer season, and at It’s very best it takes a back seat to none.  The entire flashback sequence this week was an object lesson in excitement, intensity, raw energy and terror that any series would be proud of.  The flashback is one of the most overused devices in anime (and elsewhere) but KamiDolls has flat-out aced it twice, in totally different ways.  It seems to me that this show could run forever based on the richness and complexity of the world it’s created, perhaps the most interesting and detailed of any series this season. 

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  1. F

    Kyouhei said his "mind was broken" during that event, and I'd suspect that the same thing happened to both Aki and Mahiru. Aki wasn't the nicest person ever, as we saw how he treated Mahiru, but this event may have pushed him over the edge. And Mahiru, who was significantly younger than the boys, seems only able to cope by latching onto Kyouhei.

    All three were badly damaged in this event, and I don't think the village was at all concerned with helping them deal with it.

  2. I think you're likely correct about that. Further cementing my opinion that for all there are good people there, that place is rotten at the core.

  3. A

    Actually Kyouhei quit after the other flashback (6 years ago) where he had to stop Aki from the continuing with his massacre. It probably combined with this earlier incident (8 years ago) that he decided to quit.

  4. A

    Screen #11 is a very … *cough* interesting shot. (What is up with Aki anyway and attacking women in this manner? Actually, what is up with him getting constantly kidnapped by women in general?)

    I wouldn't try and overanalyse this episode like I did with 7, since I ended up just getting caught up in my own argument, but I agree with you that thanks to the flashback, HanaKana had been given more depth to her character than just a crazy bitch who enjoys torturing people and doesn't give a damn about her responsibility.

    I think that's what I've come to appreciate about this show the most, just the amount of depth all the central cast is given, and just in a single episode as well.

    On another note, could that secret meeting had gone any worse? I mean it was going pretty well at first, but boy did it all go straight to hell afterwards. Luckily, Aki seems like he's pretty fine this time round, since he's only drugged and not naked like the last time lol

    Now that the show is entering it's finale stretch, I can't help but wonder (hope, really) when will the second season pop around.

    As for ranking the show, personally, I'd rank this show as being my second favorite of the season, and fourth best. It really surprised me that a show I wasn't so excited for could manage to grow on me, but there you go.

  5. d

    they said Utao and twin could control Kakashi when they were still in their mother's womb. I hope it was not that they were the ones who awakened amaterasu… The Hyuga elder did kidnap Kirio to pilot amaterasu… connection?? how old is Utao/Kirio??
    And i guess not we know why Aki tortures animals and why the three of them have another side. a side full of darkness and power hunger; cause they needed the ability to defeat their fear and defeat the FINAL BOSS!?!?!

  6. A

    1 more thing. Amaterasu's power is to eat humans minds. Mahiru's doll's power is to disconnect communication between dolls and master. If that is the case Amaterasu can still move around (it feeds on minds but does not need a constant supply; non-channeling but like taking periodic meals). However, this also means Amaterasu should not be able to eat Mahiru's mind since the barrier cuts out Kakashi- human communication??

    I think the diet member is gonna start building tanks made of wood and soaked in "blood" to make a Kakashi tank. If a Kakashi has the power of a tank I guess a Kakashi tank would be double the power?

  7. A

    Yes, that's our Kyouhei, the most powerful Seki in history XD

  8. @Arabesque – chicks love bad boys, I guess. Frankly, I don't even worry about what would drive a second season, as long as we get it. This is the sort of series that could pull off a second season without a blip in quality. But are the BDs selling?

    @dv – Utao and Kirio are 12. The look younger, eh?

    @Anon – It was pretty clear that that thing could eat Mahiru's mind, so if Amateratsu has the same power, I think she's in trouble. The barrier seemed to have no impact on it at all.

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