Kami-sama no Memo-chō' – 09

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KamiMemo continues to hover just on the edge of being interesting enough to blog, but I don’t want to forget about it altogether as there’s some evidence that the next arc is quite well-loved by the novel readers.  So as forgettable as this week’s episode was, it’s worth a brief mention.

A baseball ep is hardly revolutionary, and this was hardly a revolutionary incarnation of one.  Like so much in this series’ run, it’s mildly entertaining and generally inoffensive without doing anything to imprint itself on your memory.  We did see the return of the yakuza Nemoto, as well as the young Thai girl Meo and her father.  The razor-thin premise was a baseball game between the “NEET Teddy Bears” and Nemo’s group, with the future of the local arcade (which they want to turn into a pachinko parlor) on the line.  There’s a little tie-in with an online arcade baseball called Powerbo, and a little homage to Koshien and some sappy stuff about remembering the players of yesteryear.  Really, this was mostly an excuse to get Alice onto a baseball diamond in her PJs.  As for the game itself, I’ve certainly seen more ludicrous depictions of baseball in anime, but it was a pretty generic affair.

The bombshell comes at the end, with the arcade owner telling Ayaka that her brother has returned.  He’s a mysterious figure, and she largely a forgotten one – it really appeared as if Ayaka was going to be an important character based on the premiere and possibly even a love interest for Narumi.   But she’s more or less disappeared, relegated to the occasional fanservice scene with Alice in the bath, so it’ll be nice to see her at the center of an arc for a change.



  1. L

    I didn't realize that I saw a bit of this episode live when I was surfing around Keyhole channels, but that first baseball scene did NOT look like KamiMemo.

  2. l

    I must say this episode is just so-so, and IMO is doesn't follow the plot properly. Is Meow still here with her father? Oh well, at the very least I can hear Alice cute sneeze sound(probably the only highlight of the episode)

    The best news is of course the incoming Ayaka arc, now we getting somewhere. Hope they don't screw this up.

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