Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo – 05

Nurarihyon no Mago remains firmly rooted in the early 17th Century in this episode, concluding the Hagoromo-Gitsune flashback with a good deal of action and gore by this show’s standards.

What this mini-arc was for, in the end, was to set up the events of the present day and Hagoromo-Gitsune’s return. While it took a little more time in doing so than I might have thought best, these last few eps have certainly done justice by the story. Clearly established is that Nurarihyon was a badass of the highest order, and while we pretty much knew that already we hadn’t been given such an extended example of it. It was the love of a human woman, Princess You, that drew him into the Hanshin conflict but along the way Nurarihyon established himself as the top boss among all the youkai in the country, and made himself an important (if uneasy) ally.

That would be Keikkan Hidemoto, the head of the onmyouji clan that would later give us Yura. He gets a much longer look this week, and reveals himself to be a somewhat bold and sarcastic man not terribly well-loved even by his own family. Above all, Hidemoto appears to be a practical man – and it’s this quality that allows him to see the benefit of helping Nurarihyon win the battle at Osaka Castle. If Hagoromo-Gitsune – and thus Hideyori’s claims to rule the country – a new age will be ushered in, where the humans are ruled by the Tokugawa. It will be a less friendly time for ayakashi in general, and Hidemoto sees in Nurarihyon something of a kindred spirit – like himself powerful, practical and whip-smart. If Nurarihyon rules the youkai world coexistence is possible – if he’s dead and a far worse youkai steps into his place, he probably isn’t.

In the end Nurarihyon did most of the heavy lifting in stopping Hagoromo-Gitsune’s reign of terror, feasting on as much pรขtรฉ de fois princess as she could get her mitts on to draw power to her unborn child. She managed to eat Nurarihyon’s heart, too, and he’s one hell of a tough dude to still be walking and talking after that. But though he clearly weakened and wounded her severely, Hagoromo-Gitsune seemed on the verge of finishing him off when Hidemoto stepped in and turned the tide of battle. A very smart and practical man, indeed. With Youhime as his bride Nurarihyon heads back to Edo with his Night Parade, leaving Keikkan free to seal off the demons of Kyoto for 400 years.

Cue the present, where it looks as if we’ll finally be returning next week. With Hagoromo-Gitsune apparently having escaped the seals confining her, the seeds of a new partnership between Rikuo and Hidemoto’s descendants is obvious. This has certainly set up an interesting dynamic on the relationship front as well. Yura was a complete non-factor in S1, but with her clan being such a huge part of the story now she’s stepped up in importance, and at the same time showed a clear interest in Rikuo at last. Tsurara is, like her ancestor, intent on “stealing Rikuo’s lips” from any human wench who gets in her way, and then there’s Kana – always as the center of the three girls in the ED. Is it possible that she could be Youhime’s descendant? The way things are going this season I wouldn’t doubt it – just about everything seems connected by an unbroken line to the past.



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    Yep, Nurarihyon sure is tough for surviving without a heart. A shame it made him age faster tough… must have made poor Setsura lose all hope ๐Ÿ˜›

    I think it is obvious Rikuo is Yohime's descendant, not Kana ^_^;

    Also, Kana is in center in ED because of her popular VA, not really for importance in the story… which is practically nonexistent for 140 chapters (and the Manga has 164 chapters released at this point). She should have been less important in S1 as well, but the former Director was a self-proclaimed huge Kana fan so… yeah.

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    The flash back was about Rikuo's grandfather right? or was it his dad? *im confused*

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    It was about Nurarihyon, Rikuo's grandfather.

    Rikuo's father is obviously the guy you see get stabbed at beginning of episode 1.

  4. Yeah, Rikuo is Youhime's descendant of course. But I can't help but note the similarities in the "courtship" of grandfather and grandson.

    I dunno about the VA thing – Horie Yui is one of the 10 most important seiyuu ever, I'd say. Didn't know about the director being a Kana-taku either, thanks for info. Explains a lot!

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    I wish "enchanting" Kana was the only thing he did… he also removed some RikuTsura moments (remember Tsurara's fantasy while she was exchanging sakazuki with Rikuo? In Manga, that actually happened) and his radical changes in plot were quite annoying as well… here is how Inugami arc played out in Manga (no real spoilers):

    Rather than attacking Kiyo Cross Squad at a spooky mansion, Inugami infiltrates Rikuo's school. Rikuo, predicting his school colleagues may be in danger, brings additional Youkai to serve as bodyguards.

    It is time to choose a School Council President and Kiyotsugu is candidating and all students have assembled in a gym. Rikuo is supposed to give a speech, be attacked by Shima pathetically disguised as a Youkai and Kiyo coming in and saving the day with special effects.

    During Rikuo's speech (which Kubinashi actually gives), Inugami attacks and a fight ensues… tough not before the Nura Youkai turn off the lights to make hunting for Inugami easier (they felt his malice so they knew he was there).

    A fight in front of the whole school ensues and Rikuo transforms (also revealing that full darkness also lets him transform… and no, nobody noticed the transofrmation) and, with Kubinashi's and Tsurara's help, defeats Inugami.

    Tamazuki and Yosuzume than arrive. Rather than saving him like in the Anime, Tamazuki surprises Inugami by killing him (Inugami's sad look as he is betrayed is saddening). Tamazuki offers Rikuo to join his Hyakki Yakou but Rikuo replies by telling him that Tamazuki should join his instead. Tamazuki and Yosuzume than leave.

    Kiyo than arrives and makes a scene and the school thought this was all a show he set up. Rikuo and hiy minions leave during the uproar and in sunlight Rikuo reverts back without anyone noticing.

    Tsurara than scolds him for certain reasons, one of them being for almost revealing his true nature to humans. Rikuo than shows that he is really no longer the anti-Youkai Rikuo from start of the series. His reply also makes Tsurara realize that Rikuo doesn't really distinguish humans from youkai. This is practically the start of Tsurara's admiration for Rikuo and more than few times she says that the very reason she likes and admires him is for his Human&Youkai nature and principles.

    Some stuff that is important for future plot is also removed. I won't go into details because I don't know what your stance about such stuff is, but… check Tamazuki during the final battle and the very start of Season 2. Notice something interesting?

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    Damn, I wrote a Wall of Text… it always looks smaller in the textbox… sorry ๐Ÿ™

    Well, maybe someone stumbles uppon this and finds it interesting ๐Ÿ˜›

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    Hmmm… the post disappeared… ah well, it was quite long so it is for the better ^_^;

    Here is less stuff to read:

    I wish enchanting Kana was the only thing he did… he also removed some RikuTsura moments (remember Tsurara's fantasies while she was exchanging sakazuki with Rikuo? That scenes actually happened in the Manga… Director's reasons for change are quiet obvious here IMO) including the reason Tsurara likes him as well as did some major changes to the plot, including removal of the only thing that connects Shikoku arc to the rest of the plot (check Tamazuki's final battle and very start of ep1 of S2… notice something interesting?).

  8. LOL – sorry, it got classed as spam due to the length! LOL. Too bad Blogger still doesn't support spoiler tags.

    I'm intrigued by your last paragraph, but I do try and be sensitive to posting spoilers here since they can't be tagged. Perhaps you could email that to me?

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    Ah good, for a moment I thought your blog had a grudge against me ^_^;

    Okie, I'll e-mail what was cut to you.

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    In case my e-mail sender malfunctioned again, I'll just notify that I sent the e-mail.

    I talked only about stuff revealed during Shikoku arc so you don't need to be worried about getting spoiled on stuff that is supposed to be revealed in future episodes.

  11. I got it, thanks!

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    Info: Hagoromo-Gitsune was never sealed. Her spirit clearly escaped and has at last found a suitable host (made actually). That's why she's back.

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