Nekogami Yaoyorazu: “Matsuri” ED

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the special “Matsuri” ED from episode 7 of Nekogami Yaoyorazu, which is focused on a festival at Gonta’s temple, performed by Haruka Tomatsu and Yuuko Sanpei. I love Haruka’s regular “Oh My God” ED, but this exemplifies the irresistible silliness which is one of this show’s many endearing qualities.

I’m increasingly wracked with guilt over not blogging this series, for which my affection is rapidly developing into love. Yui Horie and Haruka Tomatsu are every bit as great as you’d expect, but Yuuko Sanpei is coming dangerously close to stealing the show with her hilarious performance as Gonta.



  1. J

    You should blog it. Then I won't feel so lonely^^

  2. I'm close… But there's just so little time!

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