Blood-C – 05

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Baby steps, I suppose.  Things are starting to get mildly interesting at last, though I’d be lying if I said I was wildly enthusiastic about this latest episode of Blood-C.

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It’s certainly been clear for a while that Saya was being gaslighted by the town, but whatever doubt there was about that has pretty much been wiped away now.  Who’s involved?  Well, there are several possibilities.  Could be everyone, could be Fumito and Sensei, could be Saya’s father is involved too.  Fumito is a lock – it’s been obvious just about since the beginning, but it certainly looked less than coincidental that he showed up yes as Saya seemed on the verge of remembering more than she should have.  Sensei seems like a lock, too, since she basically told a “ghost story” to the class about the compact between the humans and the Elder Bairns, though Saya fainted before you got to the punch line.
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It’s finally starting to look like “Blood” – sort of.  Saya is having flashbacks that look a lot like Blood: The Last Vampire, with actual chiropterans and everything.  Tokizane has been telegraphed for the Haji role since day one, and he’s looking like the only one in town he might be on Saya’s side.  His reaction to Saya’s swoon was…dramatic, to say the least.  As for Daddy, he’s obviously in possession of way more knowledge than he’s sharing with his daughter, if indeed she’s his daughter at all.

Just what is the covenant?   That appears to be the key question, and we certainly don’t know the answer just yet.  Simplest solution would be something on the lines of “We give you “X” sacrifices per year, and you don’t go after anyone else”.  I suspect it goes deeper than that.  Saya is obviously not human and probably a chiropteran, the humans’ attack dog against the Bairns.  The Bairns appear to be a distinct creature from the chiropterans.  And what does the cat/dog/fox know about all this?
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Again, in the end, it comes down to a question of whether the series has done enough to make you care.  The monsters are getting more interesting, especially since they’re talking.  The trouble is finally finding Saya’s inner circle, as one of the twins is under threat (about time).  But there are two big obstacles here, the first of which being the weakness of every scene not directly related to fighting or the Bairns.  The other is that it’s taken nearly half of the show’s run to get to the point where all of this feels like it has traction.  I suppose if you’ve stuck around this long you’d be inclined to ride this out, but as far as I’m concerned the show has spent a fair among of goodwill with that weak start, to the point where I’m probably not going to be very tolerant of hiccups from here onward.

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  1. K

    I thought this episode was pretty good. Some of the criticism about this series is well deserved, I just think some folks are being hypercritical of it now looking for ways to be too negative about the series. This episode in particular was pretty decent.

    We got some good plot development from the teacher, as well as flashbacks from the Blood: The Last Vampire movie set in Japan (I think it was Okinawa maybe?) around the Vietnam War time.

    The monster/villian was very creative. I thought under the veil was going to be a ugly woman of some type just never figured it was a giant eyeball. The twins were adorable as usual and the preview showed some interesting stuff next week.

    also… I thought it was contract not compact? Did I hear it wrong when the monsters say "honor the contract"?

  2. Actually, I think I've seen it translated as "covenant" most often, though all three words mean about the same thing in this context.

    I agree – "pretty good" is right on the money. It's hard to get thrilled about "pretty good" but I guess improvement is improvement.

  3. t

    I've got nothing to critisize in this week's episode,apart from the fact I feel it should have been episode 3 and not 5.

  4. N

    IMO, this episode was quite good: it is the episode of Blood-C where I skipped scenes the least (honestly, I find slice of Life here plain boring).

    Next ep should be where shit hits the fan tough 😀

  5. I sure hope so. This series could use some shit flying all over the place. And I'd like to see some twin decapitation too, if possible.

  6. S

    Mildly interesting is certainly the best way to describe this episode.
    I'm very much looking forward to see some twin decapitation too but that would be quite out of character for Clamp ;D

  7. I wanna see those little heads fly.

  8. A

    A good episode but a bad one in context of the series. It really bugs me how seemingly everyone is stopped short of telling something important in this series… The monster this week dies before answering the necessary question of Saya and the juicy part of the story about the town got lost, too, due to Saya fainting at such a "convenient" time just so that nothing really important could be revealed about the plot. Nearly half the series is over and it STILL treats its plot as a major secret.

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