Sacred Seven – 02

After two episodes, Sunrise’s Sacred Seven continues to be big, explosive and silly. And I’m on the fence about whether to stick with it.

The casting choices for this series are interesting, because it seems to be that Takuma Terashima and Irinu Miyu are both playing against type. It would have been more logical to flip them, but maybe this will work out in the long run – it shows some creative thinking, at least. For now, the impact for me is that Kagami is making more of an impression as a character than Arma, who comes off as rather flat despite being the lead. That’s not atypical by any means, of course, but I’m not really buying into him as someone to care about just yet.

SS has definitely loaded us up with exposition in the first two eps, which is good as this is obviously a huge story. Some tidbits of interest were that our Noh mask is actually a darkstone named Hellbrick, who’s at least 800 years old but has learned enough slang to say “Hella” in addition to Hell. We also find out why Arma likes to fish for stones in the river – the stone that kept his power in check was tossed into that river by the ruffians who were beating him up (the incident that lead to his seriously injuring 14 people). So he’s looking for his “limiter” if you will.

This, of course, brings Ruri’s importance into play – it’s the fact that her presence can also keep Arma’s darkstone form in check that makes her an appealing dance partner for him. In a tossed-off aside late in the episode we see that they had an encounter as kids where he saved her from…something. He doesn’t seem to remember but she does – and it’s not until Kagami shows Arma her sister Aoi trapped in a giant crystal that Arma agrees to help the organization.

In addition to everything else it looks as if this is going to be a bit of a “Night Stalker” format, with an evil monstrosity to batlle (and advance the overall plot) weekly, and this time it’s a dragon-like darkstone that’s blown up a C-130 transport plane and used the cargo to turn itself into a giant cyclone over the Sea of Japan. In a fairly rote battle sequence Arma manages to triumph over it, largely thanks to the help of Hellbrick and Ruri.

At this point I’m still not sure just what this series is trying to be, and how seriously it wants to be taken. There are some nice comic moments – the scene where Ruri levels up the school (380 yen steak & caviar sets at the cafeteria!) is pretty amusing, and Hellbrick is always good for a laugh. But when it comes to comedic dialogue SS isn’t especially sharp or natural, and there’s more of a sense this week that it wants to be taken seriously as a moody mecha series.

And that’s my dilemma at this point. I’m not seeing enough that’s truly innovative or distinctive to make this a keeper as a serious venture, and it isn’t committed enough or dextrous enough at the comedy to make it succeed as a parody. But it does have a pretty nice look, a certain sense of style and a grand scope that’s rather appealing. So for now, call, me interested – and undecided.



  1. l

    Have anyone notice the size of the jewel that is thrown into the river. Haha, if anyone wear that kind of size of a jewel, it no wonder anyone is going to bully him or steal it from him.

  2. t

    I really do like the way the casting is working out so far.
    You mentioned the boys but I like how Nakajima Magumi is NOT doing the typical "high pitched loli voice" I expected looking at the character design and some of her other roles.

    To me it has that "summer hollywood blockbuster" feel to it.
    Right now I'm not taking it really seriously,don't think I ever will while the "maid army" is still around.

  3. LOL, I like that blockbuster analogy. It's anime by Michael Bay!

    Best not to take this seriously. For God's sake, not seriously…

  4. L

    I was actually considering this series, but then I started reading more and more first/second episode impressions and I realized this would probably be more fun to marathon. I think I'd lose interest in this particular series if I had to wait week after week.

  5. Welcome to LiA, Lunacie – thanks for commenting!

    Interesting idea – won't work for a blogger, heh, but the show might work better that way.

  6. L

    Thank you, I've always been a silent reader and LiA is one of my favorite anime blogs so I thought I'd just start commenting. XD I think the amount of shows you blog at once is awesome, and you always have detailed summaries/analysis.

  7. Heh, you're always welcome to lurk, happy to have you. But commenting is definitely more fun and helps the site to grow, too.

  8. K

    I kinda like the series but it has some facepalm moments that bug me. In particular she jumps from the plane with no parachute after him (who also has no parachute) in the belief he will save them both? UGH! That is just beyond stupid even for an anime.

    Also they spent the entire episode building up this cloud and whats going on for him to 1 shot the thing and its over in 5 seconds like it was nothing to even worry about? It would have been better to spread this battle out over 2 episodes and add some more action to it.

  9. Color me "undecided" at this point. Ever fr Sunrise, this is pretty ridiculous stuff, but there are elements here I really do like.

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