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    …. What the point to this poll anyway?

    Anyway, I myself will watch at least 2 episode before I decide anything at all. (Hell I even watch the Twin Angel Paradise, someone should give me a medal for that)

  2. Just curious to see what people take into consideration.

  3. A

    (Elianthos here)
    ^^; I wasn't expecting to be the only one considering the timeslot. The other main factors for me are genre, blog, specific source.

  4. Well, 10 people voted for timeslot so it wasn't just you!

    Personally, I think the director is a very underrated quality factor that a lot of viewers overlook.

  5. A

    Oh, I totally missed the zero among the white, my bad XD.

    Admittedly I don't really search for directors beforehand, nor studios. In hindsight though I've realized I do tend to like shows produced by certain studios and directors more than others (the Madhouse&Yuuasa combo, for instance) ^^.

  6. Indeed. Certain directors are almost always a guarantee of quality, and certain studios always get at least a first look from (GAINAX, BONES, I.G., etc). I expected genre to come out, and it did, but it tends to be a factor I look at less than several others.

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