1. l

    I wanted to vote and give opinion but i didn't really know your layout from before so i couldn't give any solid idea. From my view of point, nothing is wrong about this design.

  2. Thanks, Ikaze. I'm going to stick with the basic setup for a while now.

  3. A

    I find it a little odd as to why the header image is of Arrietty, while the background is from Natsume Yuujinchou. Getting matching headers and backgrounds would be nice.

    Either that, or change the background to something more generic that complements the header, such as maybe a lush green forest, or that view arrietty sees when she overlooks the garden from on top of the house.

    Something where the colors stay relatively consistent, as opposed to the odd white/blue/green colors that are currently being used.

    I'm not really trying to criticize your setup, I just thought it would be more visually appealing if it was consistent. Some blogs out there don't even use a background image, and I think that approach works as well.

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