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    I loved the "keep the change" line,I'm not een sure a james bond movie would dare put a line like this in lol so I see what you're talking about.

    Loving the bones animation (I'm at least glad one major studio is living up to its reputation this season).
    The relationship between our two leads is really working for me so far and I look forward to more.

    And if ever there's a male moe voice,I say Kaji Yuuki has it,he's been rather busy lately.

  2. Yeah, he's one of the "it" boys for male leads now. I'm not a huge fan, as every one of his characters sounds about the same to me – but he's pretty decent.

    BONES was the perfect studio for this, in hindsight. They have a kind of earnest grandiosity to most of their series that suits the material. BONES is not the place to go to for irony… And as you say, their shows always look great, if nothing else.

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