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    Just watched it and after each episode this show keeps sinking its fangs deeper and deeper. NO.6 is off to a good start.

  2. Yup, I agree – a very nice old-school anime.

  3. l

    Phew, finally gotten around to watch this show. Even though this show been out for days, for some reason I'm watching mayo, mawaru, usagi drop first before this. Haha maybe this is influence by the order of hotness of babe?

    Anyway solid episode, still in the prologue of things to come. Hopefully action will come by soon and also hopefully Shion will be able to be less naive in thinking of saving the no. 6. Of course when I say no 6. I was referring to the citizen living inside and not the organization.

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    Woah, great episode! What do you guys think of the ED? I just listened to it fully for the first time and I'm in love with it. XD

  5. I love both the ED and the OP for this show, actually. They both fit the kind of innocent, retro style of the series.

  6. t

    I keptlooking forthe word to describe this and you found it:retro,thanks!

    And are you sure the dogkeeper is a girl?The shonen-ai is maybe altering my vision but I thought it was a really feminin guy lol.

    And since there's those undertones its only apropriate for the show to reference Oscar Wilde.

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