1. L

    Lol thanks for posting the clip. I saw people on RC talking about it, and since I haven't caught up to episode 15 yet, I just ignored and forgot about it.

  2. l

    Haha, I thought he was going to get punch when i saw that.


    You should start watching, you are missing out the best of this season.

  3. S

    lmfao Thanks. I'm so downloading this.. sunovabitch!

  4. Luxor – the good thing about the clip is it really isn't a spoiler for the episode – other than the fact that it's the funniest moment on S;G for about a month.

  5. E

    Yeah, this was like the first signs in the episode that it was going to be light-hearted this time around.

  6. M

    Dammit, Steins;Sub, sub faster…

  7. I

    I love SG. Enzo, I know you like soccer so I hope you do a post after the Sunday game.

  8. L

    I'm on episode 4, should be caught up by the weekend. ^_^

  9. @Infinite I might – I was thinking about it. Ganbare Japan!

    @Luxor: Wow, marathoning SG, eh? Enjoy that!

  10. A

    I await the Gundam variation

    ''Yo, I'm a Gundam. It's so cool''

  11. C

    lol just noticed this one right now

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