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    Lol, you know when i first read this i thought "huh, have i read this before?" THEN i realize you are RC blogger too for this very same anime!! 🙂

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    Wow, now that i finish reading it. You actually writing a bit different for the two blog.I'm impressed (yea mostly the same material but then you can't have two different impression on the same anime)

  3. Hey Ikaze. Yeah, I plan to pretty much "First Impression" everything on my PV list for LiA, whether I plan to blog it or not. RC first ep posts necessarily take a lot longer, so I just wanted to help out any way I could over there. So for first ep reviews there may be some overlap, while I will try to give some different content.

    Remember, also, S:G and AoEx will be reviewed at both sites as I'm picking those up from Kiiragi at RC. Other than that I expect to review different series at each site.

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