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    "I guess a world war and family tragedy can turn anyone from Kana Hanazawa into a cold-hearted badass."

    That gave me good laugh.

    But really,if you look past the "lol,it's Hanazawa Kana again" those flashbacks show that some weird stuff infolving the phantom books already happened to him as a kid even if he seems to have forgotten.
    And you mentioned how Sawashiro Miyuki was showing something different in Kamisama dolls I feel that this is the case here as well,it's not everyday you see her do the high pitched tsundere.

  2. I agree, though I must confess I'm not totally sold sold on her as Dalian. I like her work generally, but the tenor of her voice sounds a bit too childlike for my tastes – so far. But we'll see.

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    I went away for a weekend and somehow all this anime sprout out like weed. MUST COMMENT ALL!!

    So when Huey cast that cool shield to block the golem attack. Does anyone think of the cool shield made by Shiro(Fate Stay Night) [Rho Aias ~ The Seven Rings that Covers the Fiery Heavens ]

    Since both of them are getting their power based on mystical tale, perhaps soon we'll see Avalon or Excalibur. I highly doubt unlimited blade works.

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