Blood-C – 03

 Blood-C topped the Summer poll on this site for new series, and it was pretty much a whitewash. Trust me when I say, I don’t take the possibility of dropping a show like that – especially one that’s both a “Blood” and Production I.G. effort – lightly. But I’m afraid that the point I’m at right now.

If I had to choose one word for the impression this show has given me over three episodes, it would be “uninspired”. Although I’m sure this isn’t the case, it really feels as if no one involved is trying all that hard. Even the great Fujiwara Keiji seems oddly neutered as Saya’s father – it’s the least distinctive performance I’ve heard from him in years.

The problem I have with continuing to blog the show is that no one aspect of it is working for me at the moment. I don’t think it’s cute that Saya is seemingly a complete incompetent at every aspect of life (including protecting the townsfolk from elder bairns, apparently). The twins aren’t appealing to me. The romance angle has no snap. None of the humor is coming off as funny. The fights, though adequately animated and choreographed, seem to have no larger purpose than splattering as much blood across the screen (and Saya) as possible. Worst of all, everything that happens in the show feels oddly disconnected – there’s no flow whatsoever.

Perhaps that’s intentional on I.G. and CLAMP’s part to try and create a startling contrast between the vapid slice-of-life and the gory combat scenes. But you have to earn that shock value – if there’s no context and you don’t really care about what’s happening, there’s no impact – it’s just awkward. Why, for example, did Saya stand cheerfully by and watch the guy from the bakery get torn apart? Wouldn’t you have thought she’d express a little concern over that? Maybe she just genuinely doesn’t care about saving people – maybe people are beside the point.

I’m grasping, but at least the visuals of this last fight (I’m a sucker for abandoned railway stations) were the most interesting of the series. The second half of the episode was a marginal improvement over what went before, though the first half was excruciating – CLAMP can be good stuff, but it really felt like CLAMP at their most self-indulgent. The notion that Saya just doesn’t care about saving people is marginally interesting. I’ve heard it suggested that perhaps this is all a setup, that the entire town is some sort of controlled experiment. Well, maybe – or maybe it’s a desperate desire to inject some life into what’s happened so far. And it it’s true, I’m really not sure why I should care.

I’m going to give this one more week to see if the modestly interesting second half and cliffhanger lead to something bigger. I’d really love to be able to blog this – I take what you guys say seriously, and I know this show was much anticipated by a lot of people. I just hate to go through the motions, and that’s what I’d be doing if something doesn’t give next week. I’ll hope for the best, but I’d be lying if I said I was optimistic.



  1. P

    I find some elements appealing, but otherwise 3 episodes in, and there's still no direction at all and the show has definitely fallen short of expectations.

  2. L

    Honestly… Blood-C wasn't one of my anticipated series (this whole season is kind of lacking, but that's because the good shows are held for fall/winter). I'll still follow blog posts to see if I should pick it up again, but otherwise…

    Anyways, I'm almost caught up with Steins;Gate. *woo woo*
    More provoking than most shows this season, and it got me to try my first Dr. Pepper in years!

  3. K

    I'm guessing the hot teacher is either a villian or another member of *** *****. I still like this series but alot of the negativity thats been cast on the series is well deserved.

    Perhaps folks are a little too picky and critical but when I see a scene where Saya stood there and watched the baker get killed at the rail station and didn't jump in it makes me think no one at CLAMP is viewing these episodes before they go out. Its sad because I loved Blood+ and was really looking forward to this being a smash hit. Instead its just getting beat up by creitics.

  4. @Luxorcism: Dr. Pepper is still vile!

    Like I said, 2nd half was just interesting enough to make me watch another episode. As always, hope for the best and prepare for the worst…

  5. t

    inb4 teacher knows everything about Saya and only took on the job of teacher in this town to do research on her.

    Remember how you said Usagi drop wasn't really ambitious but in a good way?I got what you were saying.
    Here I feel there's a lack of ambition but in a very bad way.
    It's as if CLAMP is just "phoning in" their work without real care into it.
    Also,after 3 episodes,we still have no plot whatsoever,at least a show like penguin drum has "get the penguin drum" it's vague as hell but it's something,more than anything have here.
    And hell,I wouldn't even have a problem with this being complete slice of life if it was at least good slice of life instead of just mediocre.

    But like you the last scene was interesting enough for me to keep going,to to mention I absolutely love the OP

  6. S

    I think the viewer needs to be a HUGE HUGE fan of Clamp to be able to enjoy these 3 episodes. Right now, it's just not working for me and I don' think I can sit through another week of Saya's cheesy singing. And those annoying twins, I just want to snap their necks (the noodle designs doesn't help).
    I'm hoping there's more to the plot than what meets the eye but at the moment, it's definitely uninspiring. I think I'll wait for your review next week before diving in again.

  7. A

    I've watched three Clamp series, does that make me a fan?
    Seriously, I really enjoyed this episode. I've watched the original tv series, and so far, this version has been very good. The quiet scenes doesn't bother me because I know that what lies behind that sweet, innocent facade is a much darker, uglier truth. Clamp's just taking their time.

    On this episode, it has been revealed that Saya's happy go lucky attitude is just a lie. It's a cover that allows her to live like a human being during the day. The night Saya is her true self. At first, I thought she kills monsters in order to protect the village. But allowing that baker to die tells a different story. It points out that her morals are far different from ours. The monster saying something about the covenant makes me suspicious. Maybe as a vampire she wasn't supposed to kill her kind/monster. She might be a victim of mind tampering or a sinister plot. And that guy who keeps ignoring her knows something, that's why he's been avoiding her.

  8. Aspalar, I get what you're saying. But taking your time only works (at least for me) if you give me something to go on while I'm waiting.

    I'm neither a CLAMP fan or critic – I like some of their stuff. But these slice-of-life scenes are some of the most excruciatingly annoying I can remember. As Seishun said, if I have to listen to that song one more time…

  9. K

    I like her singing. I love the OP as well. Can't wait for the full version to be released. I thought that subway monster was a great creepy creature. If this was a multi cour series I would be ok with the slow pacing. The problem is its a 1 cour series so no room for screwing around to tell their story.

  10. LOL, that song… Kill me now! It's so f*&cking CLAMP! I don't have a problem with either the OP or ED – it's just the insert song.

    The train monster was easily the most interesting visual of the show so far. That last ten minutes was just enough to bring me back for one more week…

  11. l

    I must say, all I wanted to say have been said! But seriously I need to point out all the flaw of this anime out.

    1: Heroine that doesn't even bat her eye when the baker(whom she could have saved) die in front of her.

    2:Why is she still wearing school uniform? Won't rumor will start about a girl doing enjo kosai or something? Then what about all the blood spilled, she should have changed to a more convenient cloths

    3:Where does all this enemy come from? In fact, other that seeing Saya slay them. There doesn't seem like they gave us any info on it at all.

    4: WTF a High School Guy who is hot trying to score with Saya likes to cook. Man, things don't get gayer than this.

    5: I'm pretty sure that Saya dad and the coffee shop guy are in relationship. I won't even bother checking their name for clarity. Correction, things do get gayer.

    6. THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT. This show run on Thursday night(meaning direct competition with Usagi Drop(go Rin)
    No. 6 (another shonen-ai but with better climax than this.)
    Mayo Chiki (lickity lick lick sheep)
    Mawaru Penguindrum (SEIZON SENRYAKU)
    Baka Test Shokanju(don't even start to compare them)
    Idolm@ster(uhmm? Kugimiya Rie?)

    I vote for this to drop for reason : GREATER interest on others. That how I felt, Enzo. But feel free to blog another week.


    Dr. Pepper SO COOL

    @Song fans:

    Just get the song and listen it in your ipod. That what I did. In fact, I never watch finish K-on but I got all their song inside my Ipod.

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