Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera – 9

The last 7 minutes or so of this episode of Dororon may have made me laugh harder than anything this season. This show has a way of building the hilarity and finishing with absolutely insane third acts – and the third act is usually the weakest part of an episode.

Where to begin… I mean, if the absolutely filthy sexplay between Enma-kun and Yukiko didn’t have you going, the horrendous nose dialogue between the Flame Goblin and the Frost Goblin must have sent you over the edge. But that was just the warm up, really – things didn’t begin to get really insane until “Harumi” found her way to “That”. My God, I almost lost it when I saw “That”. Is this really a TV anime? Go Nagai, I salute you. Of course the fact that it wasn’t really Harumi but Enpi-chan in disguise made her behavior around the extremely nude Enma and Yukiko more understandable.

Things didn’t stop there though. Oh, no. When Chappeau-ji’s vision of “That” turned out to be a box of hat porn, I did a spit take. Poor Kappeiru is so unlucky at love that he didn’t even have a fantasy, but at least he didn’t get killed this week – his performance the last few weeks has been positively Kenny-like. And then there was the release of “That” which turned out to be the I-Scream-You-Scream-We-All-Scream-For-Ice-Screamasaurus. Not even Enpi thought that was going to happen. Just what is the Supercalifragilisticexpialadociasaurus? Well, though Harumi (the real one) closed the ep with “Don’t you dare say “To be continued”, that’s exactly what we got.

God help us…

If all that weren’t enough, we got the introduction of Chappeau-ji’s ex-wife, who happens to reside atop Enpi-chan’s head. And an absolutely useless trailer for Mawaru Penguin Drum, the series that will replace Dororon in this time slot and may be surrounded with the most ridiculous veil of secrecy of any series this Century.


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