Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera – 11

You blew it up!  Damn you. God damn you all to hell!

Amazingly, this episode of Dororon may just have been the most random and bizarre yet. Really, it’s as if they’re trying to top themselves every week – I can’t believe even Go Nagai could have imagined this.

We may have toned the ecchi down a hair here, but for sheer strangeness this was a new high. Episode started where last week’s left off – with the revelation that it was Mark Angel who has been behind the rogue demon activity. Well, sort of – in a hilarious moment of buck-passing, Enpi blamed the whole thing on Shappeu-ji – whose fractured Japanese lullabies has seduced her. Shappeau-ji in turn blamed it all on Mark Angel for seducing her with heavenly melodies, while he cast the blame on Benten.

With that (and a Planet of the Apes) reference out of the way, things got serious. Seriously weird, that is. While Buddha and Benten appeared in the sky and admitted responsibility, Demon King Enma demanded a Heaven-Hell summit meeting and the Demon Patrol explained to Harumi that the problem was a shortage of “soulperglue” – the special spirit energy that both need to survive. The issue is that it’s like Soylent Green – made from dead people. The summit ends with a resolution from the joint afterlifes that they will conduct a global genocide and kill 4 billion people to restock their supplies – apparently because Demon King Enma and Benten have been sexing it up. Ouch.

The Demon Patrol is just fine with this, though understandably Harumi isn’t. They’re remarkably insensitive to this, however, and begin preparing happily for the harvest. Harumi finds her only unlikely ally in Enpi-chan, who thinks a devastated planet with a few survivors straggling about doesn’t sound too sexy and fun. Eventually the others in the D.P. come around, and they file a petition to stop the genocide – to which Heaven files a counter-petition. And it’s decided that there will be a great contest with the winner getting to decide.

At least in the context of this addled universe, that sort of makes sense. But why the hell was everyone constantly eating throughout the ep – what was up with that? Why were Harumi’s little voices wearing panties on their heads? What the Hell was up with Princess Plum? And why does Shappeau-ji speak Japanese like Kate from Sketch Book?

Oh well – it’s better not to ask. At least we got to see Harumi flash Enma (no effect) then share an indirect kiss, then a direct one. Kappeiru got buggered again, and Yukino got it into her head that Enma-kun and Harumi are in love. Chappeau-ji and Shappeau-ji reunited, handy as they share a seiyuu.  And, remarkably, the trailers for Mawaru Penguin Drum are actually getting more bizarre and less illuminating – which I would have guessed was impossible…


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