Amagami SS – OVA (Haruka, Kaoru, Sae)

Gods, I love this bad girl…

The series that just won’t die is back with another OVA, this one featuring the first three heroines (and the crazed stalker).

Anyone who read my posts on this series knows that Haruka is by far and away my favorite character, and any excuse to see her again is a good one. As usual, her part of the story is the best one. She’s such a naughty girl – I adore the glee she takes in making Junichi squirm. It’s not hard to notice that a lot of their kinky scenes together involve food – the ramen one being the most memorable – and this short is no exception. Haruka’s decision to park herself between his legs while Kaoru delivered the parfait was perfectly in character.

Thing is, I think it’s not just that Haruka is the best heroine but that Junichi is at his best when she’s the foil. He plays the puppy well, but don’t kid yourself – he enjoys the sexual hijinks between them every bit as much as she does, and he plays up the role to his maximum benefit. As we all know one of the things that made Amagami interesting is that Junichi’s characterization changed in each of the arcs, and he and Haruka are great together.

The other two 5-minute shorts are eminently forgettable. Kaoru is OK, but never makes any kind of an impression on me – she’s one of the least interesting osananajimi I can remember. And Sae, with her squeaky voice, is so resolutely not a worthy subject for romantic comedy that every scene between she and Junichi is awkward at best. Probably the most interesting part of these shorts was seeing the crazed stalker Risa pop up in each one, no doubt trying to decide whether she should kill Junichi or the girl first…


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    I myself like nanasaki, so i have to wait till ova 2 (banzai to cooldere)

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