Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi – 6

Absolutely shameless…

This one continues to be hilariously silly and absurd. Daigo is quickly stamping himself as the elite aho of the season and his antics generated a few laughs. The trolls behind the camera here are having a real blast messing with the audience – the latest example being the fact that Ayumu was the only character who had nipples. Seriously – if anything summarizes just how mind-numbingly perverse this show has been so far, that does it.

This week’s cliches are built around a trope double-bill, the onsen ep and the overnight study party ep. Hina is pretty cute as she obsesses over other cute things, namely Ayumu and Kasane in her fuzzy PJs. Kazuma goes for a romantic walk viewing fireflies by the river…with Ayumu. Ui stresses over Kazuma being an otoutocon and remembers being a brocon herself, becoming so distraught she almost loses her appetite. And Madoka sees her bump into Kazuya later and stresses over that, setting up the possible love triangle (if they aren’t all fighting for second place to Ayumu).

I think the reason this show continues to amuse me so much is, more or less, that it takes all those moments that other series decide are just too lame or bizarre and cuts, and uses them. Repeatedly and unashamedly. It’s like the subconscious of every anime writer was allowed to roam, free and unchecked, in the bright light of day. I don’t know if that’s a good thing, but I can’t stop watching it.


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