Ao no Exorcist – 7

OK, before we get to the actual review – what’s the deal with the Bunny Shota and Hooded-cloak Guy? They’re animated into virtually every school scene but they seem to have no impact on the story, and they haven’t even been introduced. WTF?

Ah, Shiemi – you’re a slam-dunk for KanaHana, aren’t you? But that doesn’t mean you aren’t moe – so it’s only fitting that you should have a cute familiar, I guess. Ni! Ni! I think my favorite Shiemi moment, though, was when she chased Izumo down the hall – “Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!” Hard to believe – bullying in our little Hogwarts…

There was some development here, namely surrounding the summoning teacher. He’s apparently in charge of the demon that attacked the girls in the bath, though he did make a comment about being the “dog of a demon”. Is he testing Rin’s strength? Working for Satan – or a conscientious exorcist trying to off Rin because he knows his parentage? I’m definitely getting “Harry Potter” vibes here – teachers whose motives are unclear, and everyone all hugger-mugger about one particular students lineage – he could be the salvation of the world or the destruction of it, no doubt.

For all that, this marks effectively three school life episodes in a row, which is a pretty big chunk of time off the gas pedal for so early in the series. We have 24 eps to work with so there’s still plenty of time to get back on story, and these eps have been entertaining enough, but it’s an interesting choice nonetheless.


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