First Impressions: Yondemasu Yo, Azazel-san

I don’t really think I can do this justice with words – it’s one of those shows you just have to watch.  There was an OVA that didn’t make an impression on me, but based on the first 12-minute episode of the TV series, this could be a lot of fun.

Demon-summoning detective is an interesting premise, but when you play Lovecraft for broad comedy it’s a safe be the end product is going to be pretty weird.  Anything that Production I.G. does always gets a look on merits for me, but this is definitely not from the high art division.  In short, it’s an extremely bawdy, raunchy and silly affair that manages to score a few pretty big laughs, mostly from hapless lust demon Azazel-san.  He seems to be detective Akutabe’s go-to demon for his dirty work – for some reason.  Every time he’s summoned Azazel seems to be sleeping, fornicating or eating – and he manages to royally screw up the job multiple times.  The upshot is that Akutabe tricks him by saying he’ll tear up their 300-year contract if he finished the job right – but ends up contracting him to his assistant, Sakuma.  Given that Azazel specializes in sexual harassment that ought to be lively.

Directo Tsutomu Mizushima worked on the Hare Guu franchise as well as Genshiken (and Oofuri – how odd a combo is that?) so he definitely has a deft touch with comedy, and this series shows the manic insanity and just plain wrongness that Hare Guu had.  Visually it’s not up to I.G.’s top level – probably about on a par with World Destruction – but these guys on their worst day make better-looking series than 75% of studios on their best.  I’m definitely sticking with this one.


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