Steins;Gate – 2

This is certainly an odd series. I suspect it’s one of those deals where you really have to know the source material to have any real idea what’s happening. Not having encountered the VN that should be extremely frustrating, but so far at least it’s rather fun.

It’s still hard to have any real idea what’s happening, and what everyone’s role in it is. Houoin is still pushing his “The truth is out there” agenda in Akihabara, but it appears that even his own assistant has mysteriously never heard of John Titor, the crucial figure in all this. Meanwhile Dr. Kurisu Mikase, apparently stabbed to death last week, is alive and well and delivering a lecture on why time travel is impossible. This speech appears to be directed straight at Houoin, but he’s soon engrossed in zapping bananas. We also find out that his cute miko friend is a trap who could give Hideyoshi a run for his money (dammit, traps – are none of my fetishes sacred? Can’t I at least have Mikos pure and unfettered?) and that Miyoshi works at a cat cafe. I’ve been to a few “real” cat cafes, but I haven’t see a nekomimi cafe in quite a while. Guess they’re still there.

What all this has to do with the central plot is highly, highly speculative. Rather than spoiling myself on the interwebs I’m going to stick with the anime and let the art wash over me – so at least point I can’t even hazard a guess. Time travel is happening and microwaves and bananas are involved, and rich government bastards don’t like civilians getting too close. It’s not top-notch stuff, but this show does have a creepy charm to it and it appears willing to let the audience guess for quite a while. Plus, it’s fun to see all my old Akiba haunts showing up on screen.


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