Moshidora – 3

Are there problems with Moshidora dramatically? Er, ah – hai.

At this point it seems as if this just isn’t an especially good show when viewed as an entertainment. The humor – such as the aforementioned catch phrase – falls kind of flat. The BGM in the dramatic scenes is way over the top. And the characters and plot are pretty much on auto-pilot. It might be too harsh to call them “props” but to some extent, that’s what they are – archetypes there to fill out the show as it acts as an educational exercise.

It remains interesting – watching Minami apply Drucker to HS baseball piece by piece is certainly a novel experience when viewing anime. I just think on some level the show is falling short on its first responsibility, which is to tell a compelling narrative story about characters the audience cares about. There’s no shame in it – more shows fail at that than succeed, and they’re intellectually barren to boot whole this one is unique and thought-provoking. But really, now – every club in the school decided they want Minami as a manager after the minimal accomplishments she’s displayed? That takes us to the realm of fairy tale, really, and I don’t think that’s where this series is trying to go.


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