Level E – 13 (End)

It was certainly fitting that Level E should conclude with a troll to end all trolls – something like a triple or even quadruple reverse troll, rarely attempted – let alone achieved. Indeed, the series went out with a little of everything that makes it great – trolling, Yukitaka pissed off, Baka betraying Craft, cats… Pretty much all there. They even found a way to work the Color Rangers back in for the finale.

I feel pretty vindicated in my prediction that Princess Luna was an evil genius, and that this would endear her to Baka Ouji. Evil can be debated, but genius she is for sure – and quite the little yandere too. And for the first time this series, I think, he was truly outsmarted. He thought he’d put the double-cross on the Princess, but she’d already put the triple-cross on him. Great stuff from Luna – she’s a girl after the Prince’s own heart.

Of course, in the end, it’s sort of an open-ended conclusion. With the Prince indeed marrying the Princess and not the thief, does he still go ahead with the whole “Overthrow the regime” thing? I suspect all Ouji really wants to do is stay on Earth and annoy Yukitaka and Craft. But then, I could also see he and Luna fleeing everything and roaming the universe as a sort of intergalactic Bonnie & Clyde, going around trolling people rather than robbing them. I know there’s no manga for that, but that’s a series I’d pay to watch.


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