Japan – Day 9

It rained today, but I can’t complain – 1 day out of 10 is pretty good.  And it was kind of a misty rain, too, not a downpour.  There was a lot of wind, though – which made for a snowstorm of Sakura petals.  The sad part, of course, is that the season is going to be a little shorter with all those petals being shed.

But not before a pretty amazing day of sakura viewing at Ueno Park.  In defiance of Ishihara’s orders quite a few hanami parties were happening, despite the weather.  And why not, I say – these people deserve to have a little fun.  That was combined with a visit to the Tokyo National Museum, unfortunately on limited hours with limited displays due to power saving measures.  Still a pretty remarkable collection, though the museum itself is a bit fusty in style.  Later, I saw one of Ishihara’s opponents campaigning – in Akihabara, funnily enough.  Ishihara is surely hated nowhere more than there, but the polls are saying he’s going to win.  We’ll see.

Finished the day off meeting an ex-pat friend for an amazing sushi meal in Ginza.  An absolute bonanza of really fresh fish for about 25 bucks for both of us.  We stopped off for a Belgian beer across the street and that ended up being more than the dinner.  Well, it is Gina.

Alas, Blogger is not letting me post any pics for the last two days – no ides why.  I’ll keep trying…


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